View Full Version : Paladin Protection Paladin: Looking for a few Opinions

02-11-2010, 05:55 AM

I am hoping the TankSpot community can give me a hand dissecting my Protection Paladin Nicholi and rebuilding (if necessary) him into a stronger tank all around.

First off, here is a link to his armoury: Nicholi. Progression wise, easily past 10/25 TOC (never did Grand Crusader), 10M ICC (First wing + Fester) and 25 ICC (First wing only)

Coming with that armoury, I also have a brewfest charm sitting in my inventory available for use, alongside 111 emblems of Triumph and 48 Emblems of Frost.

So, to get right down to it. I'd like all of your opinions (both positive and negative) about my tank, and areas (Gear/Enchants/Spec/Glyph) that you feel could be improved upon or -need- to get changed. One big dilemma I face is what I should spend my next set of emblems (frost) on: Tank Trinket, Back or Tier Shoulders/Body, to get the best upgrade.

Thank you in advance to anyone who gives their opinion,


02-11-2010, 06:45 AM
There are a few things I noticed

1. If your going to gem a red socket for a socket bonus, AGI + STAM gem is by far the better choice over 10parry.
2. Your spec can be improved 3/5 into reckoning really doesn't do anything at all (I believe 5 points is a 16 TPS upgrade.. Not worth it) Adjust your spec so you put 2 points into persuit of justice and then drop your boot enchant to 22 stam or ## agility.
3. Drop the hammer of righteousness glyph for the taunt glyph, you really don't want to miss a taunt, seens how your at 125 hit that probally happens often ( remember taunt requires spell hit cap, not melee )
4. Weapon enchant, Unless your getting disarmed a lot (i think it only happens in heriocs) get Accuracy to weapon
5. Gloves enchant, this is just a matter of opinion but i believe that unless your having threat issues, which you shouldn't if you do your rotation correctly, the better choice for a glove enchant is 225 armor(i think its that amount, this is a BC enchant) or 20 agility, or stam.