View Full Version : US A-US-PVE PÉRFÉCT on Stormreaver Recruiting healers,dps. Tuesday,weds,thurs 7ct-11ct

02-10-2010, 05:48 PM
PÉRFÉCT is a new and growing guild on stormreaver, the guild is new but we have very experienced officers and working on getting experienced raiders, if your looking to start over this may be the place to do it.

Raid Schedule
Tues: 7ct-11ct
Wed: 7ct-11ct
Thurs: 7ct-11ct
possibly later during progression.

In the very short time the new guild has been together we have progressed quite well, TOGC 10 insanity, TOGC 25 3/5, ICC 10 8/12...ICC 25 6/12

Why You Should Join Us
• We still have quite a few core 25 man spots available for dedicated, skilled raiders.
• We are mature and expect you to be
• We are not looking for casual raiders, only serious raiders who can attend a Minimum of 80 percent raids
• There are no silly loot systems, we Loot council, if you perform and show up on time you WILL get geared.
• We take transfers very serious and if you are willing to transfer, we will give you every chance possible to prove yourself, we understand people have bad days, and off days, that does not mean we will give you a month of bad raiding and carry you through our progression content.

Specific Recruitment needs
We are currently recruiting any high end dps, at this time we are able to put together 25 man raids regularly were just looking to upgrade members and since you will be replacing under performing raid members all dps will need to pull at least 6.5k and op classes like rogues,hunters and melee plz pull 9k
specifically: Ele Shaman, Rogue, DPS warrior, Ret pally, Mage, Warlock, Spriest, Feral druid. so as you can see pretty much everything. we have plenty of spots for people that can show up 80 percent and perform there jobs

Healers: Resto shammy, Disc/holy priest.

Tank: we are set on tanks but if we found a leet feral druid to switch between tank and dps he would have a spot

Contact us: whisper me in game Phuxgd. or put in an app on our new site just put up