View Full Version : EU [A] <Unspoken> Danish PvE Guild Silvermoon ICC 25 9/12

02-10-2010, 02:06 AM
Unspoken is looking to fill the last spots in our raid-team. We are looking for danish raiders who allready know what it means to be prepared for raiding and know how to play their class to perfection. We have no plans of teaching you how to raid or play you class.

our raiding schedule are:
Tuesday : 19-23:30
Thursday: 19-23:30
Sunday: 19-23:30

And there are often alot of offday 10 man raiding going on.

Unspoken have been on silvermoon for about 1 year now and have killed all normal mode bosses and alot of hardmode bosses, both on 10 and 25 man content.

Our current progress:

ToTGC 10: A Tribute to insanity
ToTGC 25: Anub'arak 23% atm
ICC 10: 11/12
ICC 25 9/12

We a Looking for:

Healers and ranged dps.

But we are never closed for exceptional applications, so if you belive you have what it takes to join our squad, feel free to apply at our website.

We are a danish speaking guild so you need to be able to understand danish.

Find our website at:
www.wow-unspoken.com (http://www.wow-unspoken.com)

or contact an officer ingame:

/Cheers Unspoken