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02-09-2010, 09:43 AM
The Clique is currently recruiting for 25 man raiding for Horde Side, US Stormreaver Server. http://theclique.wowstead.com (http://theclique.wowstead.com)

Currently taking applications from players of the following classes:

Druid Moonkin High Demand
Mage High Demand
Shaman Elemental High Demand
Priest Shadow High Demand
Warlock High Demand
Paladin Holy Moderate Demand
Tanks Moderate Demand

Applicants should have in depth knowledge, proper PvE spec, correct glyphs, epic gems and highest enchants for their character.

Even if we are not recruiting your class, we will always review your application for consideration.

We currently raid 25 man content 3 days a week, Tuesday, Wednesday and Monday from 7 CST to 11:00 CST. We also set up 10 man content to avoid the pain of pugging. Apps can expect an opportunity get to know a friendly core of people <cough> actually if you like to drink, cuss, discuss your fail life, and down content at the same time we would like to extend those services to you.

Current Progression 25
7/12 Icecrown Citadel
4/5 Trial of the Grand Crusader

Current Progression 10
10/12 Icecrown Citadel
5/5 Trial of the Grand Crusader

If you are interested and meet these requirement, but might have some questions you can contact Mullyn (http://theclique.wowstead.com/character/425616), Dasboott, Selyndia, Trinithia, Scyphen, Kyleigh, Bonusfeature, or Leviathon (http://theclique.wowstead.com/character/421327) in game to discuss, or send me a Private Message here.