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02-09-2010, 12:26 AM
Who we are:

Oh hello. <A Few Guys Short> is a progression 10-man guild located on the US-PVP server Nathrezim (MST). We are currently looking for 1 DPS class to shore up our roster.

Please note we will never have 25-man aspirations, we will always be a 10-man guild, though NOT a 10-man strict guild (meaning you are welcome to pug 25man content as you'd like outside of raid times).

We are looking for exceptional, adult players who can mesh well with our personality types (WE GOT JOKES) as well as push to down content.

Many of our members have Tribute to Insanity, or at least Tribute to Mad Skill, as well as various members having Glory of the Ulduar Raider and Glory of the Raider (talking 10man versions of all of these) completed.

Our current push is to obtain Glory of the Icecrown raider. We're 10/12 in ICC 10 with a handful of the gimmick achievements currently done.

What we need:

Warlock (spec isn't greatly important)
Ret Paladin
Elemental Shaman
Enhancement Shaman

Guild logistics:

We raid three nights a week: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday - from 8-11 server time (MST).
In EST the raid times are: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 10pm-1am
In PST the raid timers are: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 7pm-10pm

Our days or hours will never exceed 3 days or 9 hours per week.

We are currently only doing ICC either normal modes or gimmick achievements and will be pushing hardmodes as soon as possible. We need players who can commit to 95%+ raid attendance, and always be prepared to raid a full week. Look at any days off as a bonus, but not an expectation.

We keep a MAXIMUM of 12 people on the roster, and have rotations for who sits, sometimes a per boss rotation, sometimes a per night rotation. I wish I could keep a flat 10 on the roster, but IRL things come up and the raid gets hurt if we don't have a full raid, so 1-2 over cap is where we like to stay.

Our loot system is a basic roll system with a don't be a jerk clause. We have never had an issue over loot and I don't suspect we will ever have one, we are all friends IRL or in-game and we actively enjoy seeing our guild mates get upgrades.

Contact info:

I encourage anybody interested to visit our site at www.afewguys.com (http://www.afewguys.com) or find me (Trillah) or Nanowen in game on Nathrezim to chat with us about the guild and the atmosphere. You can also send me a PM here if you have any further questions.

There is not a lot of anger, homophobia, racism, or sexism in our guild- but we do often make jokes that could be construed in 'poor taste.' We have yet to have anybody rage quit over something terribly offensive said, so I'm probably being overly cautious here.

Skill and personality are equally important in our guild, if we like you as a player but aren't sure you would mesh well with our current guys (and girl), we will be upfront and not waste your time (or money if you have to transfer).

We look forward to finding a pain bringer.