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02-05-2010, 11:27 AM
About Us
Face on Fire is a casual raiding guild, we raid twice per week on Tues and Thurs from 6-10 server time. We use an EPGP system for loot distribution, we are generally a pretty laid back crew. However, we try to get down to business for raid time.

TOGC 10m - Insanity
TOGC 25m - 3/5
ICC 10m - 9/12
ICC 25m - 7/12

What We're Looking For
Mage - Arcane
Paladin - Holy

DBM (or Equivalent)
2700 wow-heroes (http://wow-heroes.com/) score, minimum.
* I realize some people hate scoring systems, however we are not interested in gearing up new recruits, we're interested in somewhat geared recruits who want to raid. We also feel that this number is fairly easy to attain with current badge gear and heroics.

You can visit our site for more information and to apply.
Face on Fire | Welcome (http://faceonfire.org/)

I recomend all interested parties please read the Raiders Handbook (located in the menu to the left of the forums) before applying, this will answer many questions that you might have. For anything else, please feel free to contact me, Khaas in game or here on these forums.

Note: All applicants are subject to interview over vent prior to invite.