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02-04-2010, 03:28 PM
Roll Initiative is currently the top guild on Maelstrom (RP-PvP US, however the guild itself doesn't RP). Our most notable achievement as of recent was US 8th putricide, and we have been maintaining a rank of top 50 US. We are going to be pushing hardmodes soon and are looking to keep our ranking as high as possible. We are a "casual-hardcore" guild. We are casual in that we understand sometimes RL takes over and you won't be gkicked if you miss a raid and we only raid 3 days a week (tues/thurs/sun 6pm-11). However, we are hardcore in that when we do raid, we expect top performance from everyone. Everyone needs to be min/max'd and pushing out every last ounce of DPS/TPS/HPS whatever your class may do. It is this combination that has led to our efficiency and success in the game. I can guarantee if you get a main raiding spot, you will see the end of the game and WotLK, but you WILL NOT get a spot if you expect to be carried. We are looking for extremely high caliber players. The warrior spot specifically is actually my raiding spot since RL is taking over for me personally and you will be taking my spot, however I love this guild and have helped build it over the last 8 months and we've done some amazing things, I will not allow my spot to go to someone that just half-asses things.

Apply at: www.rollinitiative.org (http://www.rollinitiative.org)

<Roll Initiative> is currently recruiting and looking for the following classes: (if your class/spec are not listed, then it means you can expect your application to be denied unless it is absolutely outstanding - our needs change fluidly, so feel free to ask if the date on this post is old)

I would like to emphasize the importance of having an application that stands out in a field of good applications. Make a good application or risk having it be ignored.

We are currently recruiting:

High priority:
-Protection Warrior*
-Holy Paladin

Medium priority/Room to recruit:
-Enhancement Shaman

*This slot is a very high priority need as we are looking to fill the role of one of our main tanks asap. Only top players need apply for this position and all that do should expect to be scrutinized. An H-Anub25 Block set is a huge plus.

If your class is not listed but you feel you are an exceptional applicant (i.e. you can outperform one of our current raiders), please feel free to apply anyway.

Raiding days/times are: Tuesday/Thursday 6pm to 11pm server time and Sunday 6pm to 11pm server time. Please try to be around during raid times, maybe send 1 officer a tell once just to let them know you are around if needed.

Requirements are:

Attitude - this is what we look at more than anything.

- Cool people who are helpful and friendly to guildmates

- Not annoying on vent - if you're not already in the guild, you definitely should be focused on doing your job, not telling others how to do theirs or loud chitchat. Being friendly and talking a bit is great from time to time, but as an applicant, you should be real careful not to annoy people on vent. An annoyed officer will likely vote no on your application.

- NOT SUPER CONCERNED ABOUT LOOT - I can't stress this enough. It's ok to be like "aww hell" if you roll poorly or get passed up for a piece of gear. But understand that it happens to everyone. Do not whine incessantly about loot, do not demand specific loot, do not talk about how this or that loot should go to you. That kind of self-centered attitude is divisive and annoying and will earn you a lot of No votes from officers that review apps. If you've got a problem with the way loot is going down, bring it to an officer. All we care about is making sure loot gets divided fairly and helping the guild progress.

- No unnecessary AFKs. If you're an applicant, you need to be there and be paying attention. If you cause us to waste time on a wipe more than once, you probably got a No from most of the officers. It's fine to go AFK if needed, just send a tell to raid leader.

- Be attentive, be responsive. Listen on vent.

- Don't bug the hell out of officers about your app. Asking once every few days is fine. Asking 3-4 times a day is not. An officer is likely to rage at you on your forum application if you bug him/her.

- Any role not listed or with a 0 for minimum recruitment means that we've got enough of this role. Applicants to these roles should provide us a good reason for overfilling the guild. (Good references, good gear, a lot of raiding experience or combination thereof).

- Being geared solidly with well chosen gems, talents and glyphs helps, though raid experience is important as well.

If you're looking to be a casual member, you must be sponsored by a normal raiding member. They should then be the one to request that you receive a casual invite. Thanks!

Contact one of the officers with any questions about your app or the guild in general. (Golijov, Rhyliss, Aggathon, Fysdantis)