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02-04-2010, 02:30 PM
No Drama is a World of Warcraft Guild on US-Antonidas whose guild name says it all. We are serious about pushing raid content and progression, but not doing it at the expense of the fun of the game. We expect our members to be mature, take constructive criticism, continuously improve and to have a good sense of humor.

We are currently working on some retooling of our guild ranks in order to get past a progression wall we seem to have met. We down the first 4 bosses of ICC25 without question (did so before Lady Deathwhisper was nerfed), but the first wing in ICC25 is still presenting a challenge. To help us overcome these issues, we have analyzed our strengths and weaknesses and have a few open spots we are actively recruiting for. Here they are listed in order of desire:

Resto Shaman - We have been actively seeking a full time quality resto shaman for some time. A quality resto shaman can easilly find their way into a permanent raid spot with us once they can show they can play their toon and have raid awareness.

Healing Priest - We would like a priest to come duel specced. There is somewhat of a preference that the offspec be shadow, but a Holy/Disc priest would be fine as well.

Spellcaster - Please don't rush to server transfer. We expect we will probably be able to find this on our server, but there is likely going to be room for a strong spellcaster.

We raid server time (PST) from 7-11 Monday-Thursday. During these nights we do ICC 10 and ICC 25 and we throw int he weekly and with the new boss in VoA a trip to VoA 25 as well. There are generally raids for alts or other people that didn't make the guild ICC 10 mans on off-nights.

Please check us out at http://nodramaguild.guildlaunch.com to find out more about us or to apply.

Update: 2/4/10 - Rotface down in 25 man. Good progress made on Festergut. We still need the classes mentioned in this recruit thread, but we've gained forward momentum again.
Update: 2/9/10 - Fixed incorrect web URL