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02-04-2010, 08:36 AM
<Omen> (http://www.omenguild.info/forum) is a tight knit horde-side raiding guild on the US-Arygos PVE server.

What does Omen look for in Applicants?
The most important traits that we look for in our applicants are personality, skills and dedication.

We're a friendly, opinionated crew who have a lot of fun together, so we want to make sure that anyone that joins us can enjoy and contribute to that. We want to recruit folks who enjoy being around us and vice-versa, so personality is the number one factor that we look for in our applications.

Skill is crucial. We've progressed incredibly quickly on only 3 raiding nights a week and expect to keep doing so. We rely on the raw skill of our members to help us with that. Beside obviously utilizing that skill during raids, we count on our member's knowledge of the game to help us develop workable strategies while we're between raid days.

Dedication is key as well. We carry a maximum of 35 Raiders on our roster and expect to keep progressing quickly, so having people show up prepared every night we raid is something we expect. Our formal attendance requirement is 75%, although many members far exceed that. We also expect dedication from our members with regards to gearing themselves. In short, if it can give you an edge over what you're wearing now, go after it!

Guild Philosophy
Omen is a mature end-game raiding guild. We have a flat leadership structure, in that the guild is managed by all its members. We are laid back and fun on most occasions, but serious on raid nights. Omen is a guild that raids only 3 days a week, but expects to move through content at the pace of more hardcore schedule guilds.

With our limited raid time, there are some expectations on raid nights. Members are expected to be proactive, both in bringing consumables and reading up on encounters. During raids, members are expected to be polite and considerate, but engaging and involved in raid assessments and discussions. Most importantly since we only raid 3 nights a week, we expect and depend on the raiding core to consistently attend raids. If you can't make one, post ahead of time if at all possible notifying us of it so we can plan around it if need be.

- Maturity - Yes, we do prefer applicants over 18. But, maturity isn't a number so we would still welcome otherwise qualified applicants under 18.
- Gear - Not entirely an issue, but your knowledge of your class and performance are. None the less, we do expect you to have at least some decent gear along with appropriate gems/enchants.
- Deadly Boss Mods / BigWigs
- Omen Threat Meter
- oRA2 (or any mod similar that speaks with CTRaid commands)
- Ventrilo - Not so much important to have a mic, but having it and connected during raids is a MUST! If you don't have a mic tho, be prepared for an entertaining name; because you can't dispute it! :cool:
-We raid (formally, with attendance tracked) 3 times a week on Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday from 7:30pm to 11:30pm Server (Eastern) Time. We expect our raiders to maintain a 75% attendance rate.
- Most importantly...relax and have fun. It's a game.

Recruitment Process
Our whole guild is involved in your application process. After giving initial approval to the application, you will be interviewed with some of our members, and may be run through a Heroic, if not an actual guild raid to get a feel for your personality, skill, game knowledge, etc. Your application thread is then updated by those people who attended, and if the feel is good, a trial invitation is offered. Then the whole guild is asked to assess and vote on the applicant. We take recruitment very seriously.

Please keep in mind that exceptional applicants of any class are always welcome to apply. If you know some of our members and/or think you would be a great fit for us in terms of personality and skill, we'd love to hear from you as well! We archive every application we get and if raiding spots open up, those archived applications that we were unable to accept will likely be the first spot we look for great folks to join us.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate in asking one of the Officers: Ilnadi (GM), Bumtank, Gruno, Jpublick, Mânny, or Richolds

The following links are for information purposes:
World of Logs (http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/17150/)
Wow-Progress (http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/arygos/Omen)

It is highly recommended that your application be accompanied by a WoL or WMO report.