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02-03-2010, 07:22 AM
www.zehn.guildportal.com (http://www.zehn.guildportal.com)

Who we are

<Zehn> is a small Adult morning 10 man Alliance guild on the Aerie Peak Server. Our members consist of stay at home / work from home parents, retired, and 2nd shift workers.
We play on the Aerie Peak server, A large populated PvE server with a very strong economy.

Progression Raid Times

6am-9am PST(server) 9am-12pm EST

Thursday's and Friday's
9am-Noon PST(server) 12pm - 3pm EST

We run Suicide Kings loot system due to it's simplicity and fairness.

We are looking for:

Exceptional ADULT players that want to progress at the 10 man level. Players who enjoy the closeness of a small guild. Because of our small size and limited raid times we expect raid attendance to be close to flawless. Although, we do understand life happens; kids get sick, stuck on a conference call etc.

We expect each member to have a full understanding of their class and all the raiding 101 stuff.
We won't take the time to explain things in detail for everyone before each raid...that makes our coffee get cold then we get grouchy.

www.zehn.guildportal.com (http://www.zehn.guildportal.com)