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02-02-2010, 04:03 PM
Hello People!

Toravon is coming out today for us EU peeps so thought we could discuss some strat here. What I see from PTR is pretty straight forward:

-2 Tanks, switch on some debuff the boss does.
-Ranged (So have more ranged then melee pref) has to nuke adds that will come from a sortof whirling lighthing vortex (kinda small as big as maybe 2 persons, from what i see like 3 adds come out of there).

And thats it.

And do I understand this right? On 10man he will drop 245, and on 25man 251? Atleast that would make sense. Or is it 10man 251, and 25 man 264 (Would be kind of lame in combination with the above (simple) strategy to down him).

Thanks in advance,


02-03-2010, 08:23 AM
Well I tried to pug VoA 25 man and it was not good, we wiped 4 times before everyone gave up (including me)

On 25 man your raid dps has to be high and you probably need 5-6 healers, I'm not sure if its possible with 4.

As for the frozen orbs (They look exactly like the one from Diablo 2's sorceress frost tree!) these spawn on the ground blue circles which will appear throughout the raid.

In terms of raid composition probably better to have more ranged than melee imo due to the fact that if an orb aggros the person they need to kite it away from the raid so that it can be DPSed down. The orbs are the part of the fight that the raid needs to focus on.

As for tanks its a two man tank and swap setup, the other tank taunts when the 1st tank gets enough debuffs lets say 3-4 but these do stack up pretty fast so your healers have to be paying attention as well. The debuff I believe lasts 10 or 20 seconds I can't really remember.

As for gear drops 10 man he drops the 251 T10 gloves and legs, 25 man he drops 264 T10 gloves and legs. As for pvp gear I cannot remember but he drops less season 8 gear than the other bosses do.

02-03-2010, 08:55 AM
2 tanks for 10, 3 tanks for 25 is probably smart. Swap on 3 stacks of debuff. Range and heals spread out and pummel the orbs as soon as they spawn, if you're spread out there's no problem healing the damage.

Easy fight.

02-03-2010, 09:20 AM
After wiping 5-6 times on 25man him with a pug last night, I have a few ideas on the subject and some info. Note that is is for 25man only, many people in WG were talking about one shotting him with little difficulty on 10man :)

First, the frozen orbs are definitely top priority for ranged DPS.
Second, the orbs DO have a threat table and can be kited and/or tanked.
Third, really do NOT neet more then two tanks for Toravon himself. The debuff is falls off VERY quickly and is easily taunted off at 4-5 stacks, there is no AoE that the tanks can control so there is no reason for more than 2. We were swtiching at 4 stacks because compaired with the orb damage, the debuff damage was small and was being healing by raid healing already.

We tried having 2 and 3 tanks with 6 healers and mostly ranged DPS. We got him very low (>1Mil HP) on multiple attempts but just could not finish him off. The raid damage just became too high towards the end and the frozen orbs could not be dps down fast enough.

So this is a big healing and dps fight, kind of like Koralon was when he first came out.

I had an idea to do 4 tanks and 5 healz. That would work with 2 tanks on Tora, 1 on either side of the room tanking the orbs with half of the ranged with each tank dpsing down the orbs as the tank gets them and burning Tora while free. At some point the orb tanks may just have to take face and keeps the orbs away from the raid while the DPS go all at Tora, prolly 15%. I am afraid that this strategy might not have enough dps to get him down before he just blows everyone up.

02-03-2010, 01:48 PM
10 man is a joke. 1 shot it or go home.

25 man PuGs will be nightmares though. Do it with a guild or prepare for wipes. Here is what I have learned after PuG ing it on two of my charcter.

What I found was the best thing to do was have tanks pull Toravan all the way back against the wall, giving as much room as possible to everyone else to spread out for the ice balls. Popping an early heroism is also very good, the damage the tanks take really is not that bad. The damage the raid takes however is fairly substantial.

DPS and Heals are the key to this. I recommend an early heroism because after a point with the stacking debuffs, the raid will start getting 1 shot. Have your ranged focus almost excuslively with getting the orbs down. This is another reason an early hero is good, letting the ranged do as much damage as they can on the boss before they get pulled away to adds.

I would skew your raid towards heavier heals and melee. 2 tanks, 6-7 heals, 5-6 ranged, 10-11 melee.

This is for a PuG, obviously a raid guild can probally do this with 5 heals, but I will bring 6-7 heals from her on in just in case 2 are morons.

02-03-2010, 04:23 PM
Agree the 10 man is way too easy. The tank damage seemed to be extremely low.

25 is prob also too easy considering the gear it drops. We had a wipe the first time we tried but second time with ppl more spread out there werent many issues. We did it with 3 tanks but from seeing how fast the debuff fell off I would guess 2 is not too bad either.

And woho btw, got my set gloves from the 10 man after beeing so annoyed they buffed the armor on them when I had already bought the off set ones. The 251 ones are still no where near as good I think but they might be good enough when upgraded and together with other set pieces.

02-03-2010, 05:49 PM
I have to agree 25 man is a lot harder, though in 10 man its just a joke!

As for where to tank Toravon in 25 man I heard that tanking him in a corner might be better as it allows the raid to have more of a breathing room to kite the orbs around.

On 10 man I forgot to mention you can actually disarm Toravon, since he is the only watcher with a weapon but I did not try this on 25 man perhaps the next non-fail pug I do I can test it out.

02-03-2010, 06:07 PM
I must admit this was the first place I looked for a quick check on the tactics before our PuG started on Toravon 25 man xD Without it we probably wouldn't have got him down as easily.

We used two tanks, who tanked him at the far wall.
Unsure on how many healers, 6 or 7 is my guess.
The rest were DPS of course ;D

First try we got him to 85% before the Orbs took out too many people and we wiped.
Second try we got him to 15% but we'd sustained too many losses
Third try we got him down, suspiciously the same try we actually tried using a proper tactic:
We had 3 hunters standing near the stairs (but still able to hit the boss if we could) and kiting an orb each up the stairs. We had a healer dedicated to us 3 hunters, and 90% of the time the orbs were taken down with little trouble (Distracting Shot ftw?). We had a hunter on the left side of the stairs, one in the middle and one on the right. The hunter on the left side would kite the lefternmost Orb, the hunter in the middle would kite the most central Orb and the right hunter would kite the rightmost (Is that even a word?) The rest of the DPS attempted to spread out around each side, avoiding the middle area as that's where the orbs seem to spawn most often. Anyway, that worked pretty well and we got him down on the third try with only 5 people dead.

We had very little time between killing the orbs and the next wave spawning so make sure whoever's kiting can deal decent DPS
DPS should burn any trinkets/cooldowns at the beginning before the first wave of Orbs spawn (Approx. 15 seconds)
As far as I know the Orbs can't be slowed, they were immune to Frost Trap and Concussive Shot so I used the run, jump, turn 180, shoot, turn 180, land and repeat method.
I think we popped Bloodlust a few minutes into the fight, don't think we had a plan for BL beforehand.


In Short:

You'll want a majority of Ranged DPS in the raid, but don't exclude Melee DPS who should focus on the boss
Two tanks tanking him at the far wall
Three hunters kiting from the stairs, one orb each. Shaman healer also near the stairs focusing on keeping the 3 hunters alive
Rest of the DPS spread out around the left and right side, avoiding the middle. Orbs should be a priority but don't forget the boss needs hitting too
Assign some other DPS to help the hunters nuke the orbs down (Orbs have ~120k HP, can't remember)
Kiters need to be able to hold/take aggro and preferably hit the orbs with decent ranged attacks.
Burn cooldowns/trinkets at the beginning to get Toravon down as much as possible before the Orbs start messing things up
I recommend avoiding Bloodlust at the beginning, save it for when things get hairy or when he's at a certain percentage of health

Don't think i've left anything out, let me know if you have any questions. Hope that's useful for someone :D I can't think of anything to replace the 3 hunters we used, as Distracting Shot and being able to deal fairly good DPS on the run seems ideal. This was a PuG, with an organised group you should get this down fairly quickly.

Good luck :D

02-09-2010, 04:10 PM
Well, we took about 10 guildies and 12 puggies in and 22-manned it without really knowing what was going on and one-shot it.

The mechanics are all pretty familiar ideas that were pretty obvious. (Hey, a debuff on the tank! Hey, adds that should be killed!) We didn't kite orbs or tank the boss over at the wall, just burned the orbs down. So no idea what was "supposed" to be done.

I dunno, guess it just seemed extremely underwhelming for a boss that drops that level of gear.

02-18-2010, 12:35 PM
I got into a 25 VoA run and tried to disarm Toravon, I can confirm that it works but I have no idea if that really reduces any source of incoming damage at all, since he is mainly hitting you with frost based attacks.