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02-02-2010, 01:16 PM
Answer is currently looking to add to our raiding roster. These are main, 25 man raiding spots and will not be bench warmers. The officer core and current raiders are committed, experienced raiders who enjoy the game and not the drama. In 10ís we have all content clear (ICC 9/12) and Insanity. We are looking for more people to help round out our 25 man team. We are adults and treat everyone with respect.
We expect our raiders to come to raid ready to go and on time and with knowledge of the fight we are doing.

Recruitment Open for -

Resto Druid
Prot Pally
Fury Warrior
Arms Warrior
Elemental Shaman
DK Tank
Holy Priest

Other exceptional DPS will be considered as well, even if it is not listed at this time. DPS should be able to maintain 6k+ minimum, all applicants should be geared to the level of content we are recruiting for.

Raid Times -
Tuesday: 5 - 9 Server
Wednesday: 5 - 9 Server
Thursday: 5 - 9 Server
Sunday / Monday: As agreed or needed to clear content

our new Guild Site - (need a webmaster too)
www.answer.guildportal.com (http://www.answer.guildportal.com)

if you have questions please feel free to contact us. Please make an alt on US Arathor and whisper: Vorhees, Arinellia, Relos or Everlord. We would be happy to discuss our current progression and your needs to ensure a good fit for you and us. Any Answer member can direct you to one of the officers on-line. You can also look over our web site, which should be able to answer most basic questions.

Thanks for your time,

ANSWER: Horde, PvE, PST, Arathor, 25ís