View Full Version : new to 25 mans guild having trouble with Saurfang(WOL)

02-02-2010, 08:20 AM
Yo guys, as the topic says my guild is new to 25 man raids, we were doing some 10 mans and started last tuesday with 25 mans, we are having some trouble in saurfang 25, I know of some issues that we should fix already:

the pally had ret aura on which made the adds to attack me (dk tank) somehow.... anyone got some tips on that, or should the pally not use ret aura at all?

The adds were constantly coming to me, even though I did not use any cleave habilities or aoe at all, did the blood beasts attack me cause of ret aura?

We had our hunters on two exterme sides, but adds werent getting killed soon enough (no foccus fire, how can I fix that?)

here are the logs (http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-fy066zwtqnokeane/)

02-02-2010, 08:35 AM
If you're getting hit by blood beasts without using any AoE abilities, it's a clear indicator that your casters are not dps'ing those particular mobs at all.
In 25man, you get 4 blood beasts and just having two hunters on them is not enough, all casters need to switch on them asap and assign a player with some form of movement speed debuff on each beast. They always spawn on same spots, so it's fairly easy to setup. Tell your melee to help with snares/stuns as well, it's not like they have anything more important to do. Chains of Ice, Hamstring, Hammer of Justice and all that good stuff, I've also helped out with prot warrior stuns when I'm not actively tanking the boss.

02-02-2010, 08:48 AM
I for some reason got 5 blood bests.... hmm? We had all our casters switch to blood bests, but we didnt assign them to anyone, we just told them to foccus fire the same adds... should they split up? We had 9 ranged last night, if I remember correctly... I asked my DKs to chain of ice, but that didn't happen, will make sure to tell them to do so next time, also to the rogues. Now, would it work if I asked the rogues to TotT on a elemental shammy or boomkin (specced into typhoon) for the pushback?

02-02-2010, 08:55 AM
One thing that works well is to have a mage (not specced into imp blizzard-you dont want them stunned too close to melee) to precast Blizzard when the timer runs low, that way they are hit by something coming from ranged as soon as they spawn. Unless your DPS is very good or you have a lot of knockbacks, stuns, snares etc, I would suggest asking all your ranged to single-target them down - not necessarily focus fire but hit one until it gets halfway to them, then hit one heading away from them, so you make them zigzag back and forth (left to right, over the middle where you have totems and slowing traps) without actually getting the the ranged. Holy pallys can help with emergency stuns while them and hunters can help with emergency taunts as well.

Normal aoe from ret aura, consecrate etc shouldn't cause you any problems, "small" aoe like cleaves can though if the DPS aren't fast enough.

We don't ToT onto the ranged, playing "ping pong" with them works pretty well and I'd be concerned with ToT that no one on the "other side" would be able to get ahead on threat to make them zigzag.