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02-01-2010, 11:40 PM
First off to give you guys some background, a group of friends and I transferred off of a low pop realm to a medium-high pop. We had a decent 25 man guild but 6 people transferred over with me. After going through 2-3 guilds and not liking different things about each one we decided to try out luck at making another guild.

First off there is only 5 of us that currently play (1 of which isn't too active). We wanna get a good 10 group together soon and work our way up to 25 mans. The thing is is that when ever we recruit someone they end up leaving either because they don't get to raid in our 10 man (undergeared or we have too many of his roll ex. he's a plate or a tank and we're full on those), or they want to do 25s. We want to recruit for 25s but people leave too quick before we can recruit enough and they people who do stay are undergeared and arn't gearing very fast (laziness or inactive). Also another problem is that our recruitment officer thought "OH recruit EVERYONE WHO I CAN GET" so got a bunch of plate dps and none of them raid now because we already have 2-3 in our 10mans. He no longer recruits like that but it's still annoying having people complain when they don't get to raid.

Anyway is there any ideas that we could use to help to get people to stay or just to get the guild going at all?

02-02-2010, 11:21 AM
I was in a similar situation, a couple of friends and I were in a guild going a direction we didn't want to go in, so I decided to start my own guild. At the start we were of course short people but what I did is ask everyone what is it that they want to do, Tank, heal or dps then I specifically recruited for the open positions. I still planned raid nights to get people use to the schedule we would be following, an hour before the raid started I would start to look for fill ins or pugs to make sure the raid happened, that is key to getting it off the ground. If you wait till you actually have 10 guild members to start raiding it will make it very hard for you, as in people do not want to log in week after week to see nothing going on.

Plus if you are doing all that and you can to get your raid going, your members will appreciate it, also be very honest with recruits or possible recruits, let them know that you are working to build a solid raiding group and even though we dont have enough members we will still raid something, if its a lower lvl tier like ToC, make it fun, get people together so than can get to know each other and get into a groove and build that bond, it will help keep them around during the hard times or droughts.

02-03-2010, 10:07 AM
When I was struggling to get my guild off the ground, I found that patience and persistance were the only two things that really brought Divine Edge where it is today. As Motorboatin said, be honest with your current guild member and with new recruits. The only thing I did and continue doing until we were big enough to do our very own full 10 man guild runs, was to organise pugs. Some of the best and loyal guild members I have today, come from those pugs.

They had first hand experience of how we operated:
* Fair loot rules; make sure that all the pugs know exactly what the loot rules are before the raid kicks off.. And stick to those rules, even if it means that you're missing out on a good piece..
* Be decisive and know the encounters.
* Keep a good pace during the raid.. not too fast, but please not too slow either.
* Be firm and act on threatening someone who doesn't play nice. If someone is disruptive and calling wipe when he drops 5% hp, give him a warning and then remove him from the raid asap if he continues. People will respect you a lot more when you take charge of a situation instead of being a victim to it.

Be friendly! This is your prime advertising moment. This is where you show people what you can offer them as a guild and as a capable raid leader. This is doing it the slow way, but I can tell you now that you won't be sorry for the results you'll get.

You'll win some great people this way. Remember that people pug a raid for a couple of reasons and all the reasons are good for you, who's looking for new members. Some are in a casual guild that's not raiding enough. Some aren't in a guild at all. This also gives the perfect opportunity to evaluate them. If you like someone, add them to your friends list and stay in contact. Invite them again to your next raid. Some of my members I've worked on for more than a month before they eventually came over. Some of them brought their whole guild over.

Persistance and patience. It really does pay off.

02-13-2010, 03:28 AM
I myself have ran fairly succesfull guilds in the past, and have made a new on Eonar now aswell.

And I have to totally agree with Acheronia. The best way to recruit people, is to put yourself out there. An ideal way is idd through pugs & alternatively achievement runs of instances. Doing this is (imo) a way better way of advertising then to just spam trade channel (which happens a lot on my old server!).
Acheronia already said some basic rules on how to handle pugs.

Just make sure you hold a firm hand during the Pug. A lot of people pug because they missed their guild's raid or don't have a proper guild who's doing the instance. If you have this people you will need to live up to a certain level of equality in performance. So, don't be (to) afraid to remove a player that's underperforming for that instance. This doesn't mean you have to be very very strict. But it can help, however if you take the same people all the time, or the super experienced people, you will have a very smooth raid, but you'll hardly get any new recruits in!

It might also help if you are not to sure about a player to tell them that in /w. eg. "i'm not 100% sure about your gear, but I'll take you anyway". This 'll get you on "the good page" in their book. (hopefully ^^ ).

Also don't be afraid to let people know after you've defeated the last boss, to contact you in the future for a future raid (ofc only do this after a smooth one ;) ).

I hope you can sort out your recruiting & progress into the raids you want to!

My guild's name is Perseverance, and that's what we always have to do as a gm/officer, persevere and invest time.

02-13-2010, 05:30 AM
As has been said, fill your missing spots with pugs. Try to organize your pugs at the same time every week so those people who you liked will become regulars.

One thing though, until you're an established guild, or even way after that, the possibility that some of your recruits will be alts will be very high. Most of them will hide that fact. Unfortunately it is a necessary evil. Once you have solid raids going and decent progress on your scorecard, then you might want to start finding proper mains instead. Making a "no alts" recruitment will probably land you either very undergeared people or crap players that nobody else wanted. Going too long with alts will mean some days they just wont show up because they're on their main. It's a process that you have to manage very very carefully.