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02-01-2010, 05:24 PM
Name: Adelante

Server: US-Arthas (EST)

Adelante is serious guild focused on progression and staying competitive with all the other progression guilds but we strive to do so on a three raiding day a week schedule. Because of this we have to make sure every hour of every Raid is spent focused on the tasks at hand and not spent goofing around, pulling trash onto each other and causing stupid wipes and unnecessary graveyard runs.

The type of players we seek to fill our Raid force with in Adelante are those that are dedicated and focused on progression, those who have the skill and audacity to work on Hard Modes each night until they have been killed. We want people who are going to be able to give us their time 3 days a week, every week. If this is you, then come check us out. But don't tell us you can make our schedule and then get here and only be able to make 2 to 2 and half days each week because we won't keep you around.

Loot is distributed via a DKP system that can be found upon our website, it is managed fairly and accurately. Our DKP is also reset at the beginning or each new Raid Zone that is released to allow Trials to be on par with every one else when it comes to DKP. The normal Trial period is two weeks, longer if you make constant mistakes, or miss one of those six Raids, etc. During the time that you are a Trial, Main Raiders will have loot priority over you but do your job correctly and show up and that Trial period will be over in no time.

We expect all Raiders to maintain an 80% attendance or higher, we only Raid 3 days a week, so consistently missing 1 Raid a week will drop you below this benchmark, don't apply to our Guild telling us you can make our Raid times if you can't. They aren't extreme at all and do not change. When distributing loot we look at two factors, your earned/unspent DKP and your attendance percentage. You're unspent DKP is multiplied by your attendance to create your effective DKP when it comes to determining who should win an item. Missing Raids hurts your chances of getting loot when you are here. This is meant to reward the people who show up every night and to encourage those who tend to have a problem missing a night or two here and there to stop doing it.

Our Raid Times:
Icecrown Citadel Progression:
Lower Spire : 4/4
Plagueworks : 3/3
Crimson Hall : 2/2
Frostwing : 1/2
Frozen Throne : 0/1

Tuesday: 6PM EST - 11PM EST

Wednesday: 6PM EST - 11PM EST

Sunday: 6PM EST - 11PM EST

This means all invites are out at 5:45, have the groups arranged and ready to go by 6PM and every one should be zoned in. The 1st pull should be no later than 6:15. We rarely Raid pass 11 but if we are making serious progress and are very close to killing a new boss we may ask Raiders to stay and extra 30 minutes or so. This is very rare but has happened before.

What We're Seeking:

1 Elemental Shaman

1 Warlock

1 DPS/Prot Warrior (Willing to do both is a big plus!)

1 Holy Paladin

Those are just the classes we are ACTIVELY seeking right now. All applications are looked at and seriously considered amongst the Officer Core and exceptional apps of any class will usually be accepted because if you can come in and dominate your class, then you will take that Raid Spot away from someone who has it already. Also, with how the game is in its current state, don't be afraid to apply if your gear is a bit lacking, we will be able to recognize if you are a skilled player that knows your class and may decide to Trial you anyway because you can be geared up to par in one raid reset if necessary. This doesn't mean if you're in Naxx gear to apply because we won't accept you but you get the point. We look at things in a serious mindset, skill > seniority. If you can walk into one of our Raids and do my job better than me, then you have my Raid Spot until I can take it back from you.

That's pretty much all I have to say, thanks for taking your time to read this and I hope you liked what you read and hopefully I see an application from you posted over at www.adelante-guild.com (http://www.adelante-guild.com) soon. If you wish for your app to be private, you can PM it to Roffles on our forums and he will make sure it gets posted on the Officer Forums and we will keep you updated.

Additionally, applicants are encouraged to make alts on Arthas (or through PMs on our forums) and get in touch with their respective officers, (Spydes/Mogani - DPS; Aierax - Healers; Alaste - Tanks) to talk on ventrilo before filling out an application.


Tierax/Aierax, Healing Officer of Adelante.