View Full Version : Death Knight Having problems with doing more than 4K DPS

02-01-2010, 03:31 AM

I am having trouble with my DPS in Heroics and Raids as i think i should be doing alot more than i do atm. Im only doing about 3.5k - 4k DPS in 5 mans and about 5K in 10 man Raids. I have looked at the theory mechanics about Rotations, Gemming and Enchanting but im not sure if there is anything i can get to make my DPS improve by alot without needing Marks of Frost.

If anyone can suddgest anything for my DK it would be much appreciated.

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EU / Bronze Dragonflight / Alliance / Eino

02-01-2010, 06:48 AM
To be honest I think those numbers dont sound too bad. As an unholy dk you have a bit up a ramp up time before you do maximum damage so in 5 mans you will never beat the burst damage of for example mages. When it comes to 10 mans, on trash packs you should definately be doing more than 5k but on bosses I dont think its bad.

Having said that, immediately replace your AP gems with either pure Strenth or Strength/Crit depending on color and socket bonus.

After that what will stop you from improving your dps most is your weapon I think.