View Full Version : US <The New Beginning> on Thorium Brotherhood is recruiting Raiders

01-31-2010, 10:09 PM
TNB is a casual raiding guild with a progression team. We are looking for 7-8 raiders that are willing to be consistent and always raid prepped. Currently we are looking for melee, caster dps, and healers. DPS required for the content we are woking on is 7k dps buffed. We run 25 mans central time of 8-11pm on sunday mon, tues and fri and we run 10 mans on wed thurs and sat all 10 man teams are looking for a few extra raiders. If you are interested in applying post to this thread on how to get a hold of you. or you can go to our website at www.tnbguild.com (http://www.tnbguild.com) . If you want to roll a toon on Thorium Brotherhood my toons name is kreekor and or reiyn. Be happy to talk to you about the guild and our raiding. Our 25 man has cleared has cleared first four bosses in ICC and our 10 mans have cleared first six bosses. We are a horde raiding guild.