View Full Version : US [H] WoW-US Eonar <Shut Up and Raid> Seeking Serious Raiders

01-31-2010, 09:55 PM
<Shut Up and Raid> is a semi casual and semi serious raiding guild on Eonar US Server.
We raid almost all days 5-10 pm depending on the raid you are in.
We have 4 10 man ICC raids going on an need more experience/geared players to further our 25 man content as well as returning to 10 man TOGC and 25man TOGC.
By serious and casual we mean we are all fun and games till raids start.
Once raids start you are expected to bring your best. There cannot be progression without sometimes being serious. Wow is serious business (snicker)
For more information and to apply see our website.
www.shutupandraid.com (http://www.shutupandraid.com)
Have fun!

GM - Shut Up and Raid - Eonar - US