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01-31-2010, 11:01 AM
About Us

Go Rin No Sho was formed to bring together in-game friends who wanted to make some serious progress in World of Warcraft, to see the high end raiding content, but to still enjoy the game. We are a serious PVE raiding guild, and while some of our members do participate in PVP, that is not the objective of Go Rin No Sho.

Go Rin No Sho has a good core raiding team, and we have progressed fairly fast through the new Wrath of the Lich King content. We like to have a good time raiding, but we take it seriously and try our best to keep pushing against tough bosses until they are DEAD!

We raid Sunday to Thursday from 20:30 server time until 23:30, with Friday and Saturday as 'free' nights, and our members are expected to attend a minimum of 3 raids per week on average. On non-raid days we sometimes knock together a 10 man raid for fun instead of doing heroics.

Our loot system is EPGP (http://code.google.com/p/epgp/wiki/TheSystem), which works well for us.

We recently moved to Kilrogg EU, which has a larger population than our previous server. Recruitment is going well and we are almost back to full strength raiding in ICC 25 7/12 kills. We are working on Professor Putricide now.

About You

If you know how to play your class, think on your feet, and live to raid and kill new bosses, then Go Rin No Sho is looking for you.

Class-specific Notes

All classes and roles are open at the moment, though we are in particular need of Priests and (believe it or not) Death Knights. Full details are on our website.

How to Apply

Please visit the Go Rin No Sho Website (http://www.onlyfoolseatcake.com), and make an application on the forums. If you have any other questions, please PM me here, or even log on Kilrogg, and I will be happy to answer.