View Full Version : EU [A] Dragonblight <Ascension> Recruiting ICC Raiders

01-30-2010, 02:18 PM
We are seeking additional Guild Members to help strengthen the ICC Raiding team.

The following Classes are currently closed:

Paladins & Hunters.

We require:
Shadow Priest, Warlock, Rouge, Warrior (DPS) & Healers would consider a Paladin if Healer (UPDATE).

Entry requirements:
Must be lv80 random heroic ready and working on gearing towards being raiding ready.

Raiding Schedule:
Current raiding schedule for ICC (10) 5/12 is Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday. ICC (25) 4/12 to be run in conjunction with another raiding guild until further notice or until Ascension strengthens its ranks to a full ICC (25) raid group. Other week nights used for random raids.

Raid Spots in ICC (25) are decided by member’s performance in ICC (10).

Raid Times:
From 21:00- to 00-00 (server time). Our guild suits many of the more mature players due to the lateness of the raiding times; these are to work around many work schedules.

We require Raid members to be able to raid at least 1 specified raid night per week minimal as stated above for ICC.

We use DKP systems for ICC loot witch it posted on the Guild web-site for complete transparently and fairness for loot decisions. More details about the DKP system we use are posted on the guild web-site.

The DKP is only used for ICC loot. Loot from other raids are decided by rolls, main spec precedes off spec.

Applying to Join:
By the Guild Web-site http://www.ascension-eu.wowstead.com/ or If you have any questions please feel free to contact me in game. I am available most evenings from 19:00 (server time) onwards /w Hollyblue

We will endeavor to keep this post fully updated on the guilds current recruitment needs.