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01-30-2010, 01:22 PM
Decepticons are recruiting for 10/25man Icecrown Citadel.

25man = 6/12 ICC, 5/5 TotC, 13/14 Ulduar Complete
10man = 7/12 ICC, 5/5 TotC, 14/14 Ulduar [Glory of the Ulduar Raider] + [Starcaller] Complete.

Immediate Recruitment Needs:

1-2 Healers -->

Druid - Restoration
Paladin - Holy
Shaman - Restoration

* Would love a strong Shadow/Discipline Priest or Restoration/Elemental Shaman that would want to DPS 25mans, but also heals effectively when needed.

Positions are competitive, so any exceptional player/class is welcome to apply! (i.e. You are a better raider than our top DPS/tanks/Healers or can beat Tokikonae on all three =))

We are open to recruiting Raid alternates willing to fill in for a Raider in the event of an absence. It'd be for people that are always working on their gear, but can't always make all 3 nights. Postitions in this case cannot be gauranteed, but we're interested in your application if this is all your schedule will allow.


Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday - 8-11pm Server (CST) - Invites start @ 7:45 Server.

Wednesday/Friday/Monday - 8-11pm Server (CST) - Invities start @ 7:45 Server.

We encourage 90% attendance, as we raid less than the other Progression Guilds on the server. As mentioned above, we may be able to work your schedule.


Food/Flasks/Pots provided to Raiders.
Gems, Belt Buckles, Leg Armor Enchants to Raiders for major progression drops.

Allow me to reiterate: All the above is provided to you by the Guild as a Raider.

How to apply:

1) Contact Silverdeath, Asei or Vinegarroon in-game for more information. We'd absolutely invite you to our Vent to discuss what you want out of a raiding guild, etc.
2) Ask another Decepticon for application information (i.e. Lexiera, Tokikonae). They should refer you back to one of the Officers, or ultimately direct you to the website to drop us an application.
3) Drop us an application @ www.decepticons-sr.com (http://www.decepticons-sr.com)