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01-30-2010, 09:40 AM
Hey guys,

Me and a few RL friends have been running a 10s group for a while now, and just recently started raiding 25s. We want to be (and feel like we should be) clearing 10s adequately. So far we've only done 6/9, as we ran into an issue with our makeup for the last 3 bosses.

Our current group makeup is as follows:

DK (Blood)

Enh Shaman
S Priest

Disc/Holy Priest (switches)
Resto Shaman

We've been running with just 2 heals, but heard the last 3 current bosses needed to be 3 healed. From a bit of research I've found that putricide can be (and in some cases should be) 2 healed, so hopefully we'll get him down when we try him next raid, but the other 2 look like they could be nearly impossible with our healing makeup.

Our issue is that we can't seem to find that third healer anywhere. There are 3 options available too us.

1. Get our boomkin to change his feral offspec to resto. He is extremely reluctant to do this however, and I've been pushing pretty hard to get him to change his mind but he isn't budging, so I'm not sure what to do here.

2. Get our spriest to heal. He has a holy offspec but he has had very little healing experience, and it is currently a pvp disc spec. He also does not have very much gear for it. The boomkin has experience healing, but says he just does not really want to heal again.

3. Get our warlock to change to his priest alt. This, along with no. 2 made me question how viable resto sham/priest/priest would be for 3 healing? Does anyone have experience with this?

The other healers in the guild either run with other 10s groups, or can't make our 10s nights.

Optimally I wanted a druid or a paladin, but I can't see a druid happening and the only way a paladin would happen would be with some serious re-jumbling of specs and roles (including in 25s) to get our tank pally in 10s (which is his offspec) to heal. So really the question im asking is - do we NEED a 3rd healer? I'm very sure we do because of these bosses + future bosses (including hardmodes) and if so, would an extra priest suffice? Or do we need to find someone (druid or pally) outside the guild just to fill a spot in our 10mans.

Thanks a lot for any opinions guys, the few of us that actually sort out the raid group have sorta hit a dead end with this situation and we're not sure where to go next.

01-30-2010, 11:30 AM
Basically my 10s group runs 2 healers for almost every fight so far, we might have used a 3rd healer for learning purposes only but go back to 2 healing. We found Blood princes to be the only encounter where 3 healing really helps us - Again this may be for our setup only, and that could be the reason for our progression.

We run the below setup -


Bear Druid
Prot Paladin


Holy Priest
Holy Paladin


Ret Paladin
Arcane Mage
MM Hunter
Enh Shaman / Resto Offspec
Unholy DK
Kitty Druid

We used our 3rd healer on fights like Festergut / Blood Princes as we seemed to do under par on those fights, other then that we manage quite fine with 2 healers. Being a Holy Paladin myself this might be a reason why we have been successful as I know how helpful beacon can be :)

Hope this helps and feel free to ask any questions !

02-05-2010, 05:13 AM
I haven't seen the fight yet, but from all accounts 2 healing Sindragosa isn't just a matter of gear or being amazing - you're just going to suffer RNG-based wipes at certain points (frost tomb one healer+unchained magic the other).

VDW might be doable - it's not an RNG thing, but having only one healer drop into portals while the other stays out means, well, her health is going to go up slow. And you'll have to choose between that one healer continually boosting stacks and the other healer not getting any mana regen, or alternating to keep mana high, but no rolling stacks.

They're just basically a "warm, healing body" element - unlike 1-tanking Marrowgar, it's just not a problem that realistically gets solved with more gear.

Two things about your makeup - one, you didn't mention the shaman.

The other, what specs are your warlock and hunter? If they're not providing replenish, you'll need to make sure one of them is if your priest respecs.

As for gearing up an undergeared healer - If you're serious about tackling LK in the near future, I suggest you swing back to ToGC if you haven't been there in a few weeks - prioritize the undergeared person's offspec.

Another option that you didn't mention is simply recruiting a healer from outside your guild. Our late night 10 needed a replacement healer back when we were doing Sarth 3d10 and one of the healers couldn't make it consistently, so we looked around outside of guild and found someone in a higher-progressed guild that didn't care about Sarth3d10. Look around at geared healers elsewhere, look at achs/stastics/activity and see if they're getting into 10 consistently. If their guild is sitting them for 10s, there might be a possibility there.

BTW, I've had a fairly consistant lineup for my 10s this xpac with slow roster changes over the course, and we've 3-healed almost everything. Hodir hard, Yogg-1, and Anub hard 10 are the only things we've swapped to 2 for. So far in ICC, the only thing we've needed 2 healers for (or I should say 6 dps) was Dances with Oozes.

02-05-2010, 07:55 AM
The druid eventually caved and yeah we've headed back to a few old instances to get him geared up. It worked fine, his moonkin gear seemed to be decent enough for the time being, though hopefully it'll be up to par by the time we get to LK.

The reason I didn't mention the shaman (I presume the Enhance one) was a complete mental blank on my part - he has just blatantly refused to heal at all for the whole time we've known him, so I just forgot to mention it. That and I was trying to get a bit of variety amongst the healers.

I agree that most fights seem to be either 2 or 3 healable, but for the sake of just trying to get all the farm bosses down quickly doing it with 2 healers is quite nice.

We also tried the out of guild thing, but didn't have any luck. You make a good point about checking out other guilds for people whom are being sat in 10s, didn't think of that one.

Thanks for the replies :)