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01-30-2010, 04:07 AM
Hello guys,

I am leading a weekly 10 man raid. Our Aim is to clear icc hero as soon as possible. Since nobody in the raid does have the time for progress 25 man raids, we just want to b sucessfull at least in 10 man. So we killed the prof one week after he was patched in (which isnīt really fast but we are proud ;>). My actual problem is our setup:
It consists of one
combat rogue,
one retri paladin,
one fury warrior,
one unholy dk and
two ranged (no fix ones),
one prot warrior(me),
one blood dk,
holy paladin
Restodruid .
In my opinion we have too much melee, so just kick one? The Problem is the fact that all of em are playin very well and I know them for a very long time. Iīd rather like to play with a good melee than with a noob hunter for example. I thought about forcing one of them to specc tank because I could join with my shadow priest and everybody could stay in raid. As you can see we play with 2 healers. So nobody should make much mistakes. At blood prince council we met our maker. No try below 50% and I think weīve kind of a softsofthardmode with our mass melee.
What to do with our melees? If we go for three healers, there would be only one ranged dps left. The fact that we do not have any fix ranged dps actual and weīre forced to invite randoms isnīt nice as well
Any one made the same experience?
Hope you can help me.

01-30-2010, 12:55 PM
Ideal set up in my opinon:

2 Tanks
- Any of the 4 classes.

2 Healers
- Holy Pally or Disc Prist for tank heals (Pally is probably the best)
-Druid or Shaman for raid heals

3 Melee
- Any combination, try to avoid doubles.

3 Ranged
- Any combination, try to avoid doubles.

Having a melee or ranged DPS that can flop to heals for a 3rd healer is recommend. We use 3 on Festergut, Rotface, and Council (so far). Haven't had a lot of Putricide or Blood Queen time on the 10.

At times we only have 2 ranged depending on if someone has RL issues, I can tell you its still workable. I wouldn't drop below 2 though.

01-31-2010, 02:59 AM
I run a team each week on my prot pally with only 1 ranged (a hunter), and we've fully cleared togc and icc since we formed it (alts from the main raid group, so gear is mostly badge and 10man stuff). Some encoutners are quite annoying with a lot of melee(firefighter was lol), but it's still very doable.

01-31-2010, 07:41 AM
In our 25man guild we usually run 2 10man groups. We don't have set groups so it differs from week to week. Usual setup is 2 tanks (1dk/pally to kite on rotface is nice), 5 dps (at least 2 ranged) 3 healers(pref 1 with a dps offspec). Classes don't really matter but running less then 2 ranged dps can make some encounters harder then they have to be.

02-01-2010, 11:02 PM
To start this off, I run a weekly ICC10 also - just a few hours every Saturday but we've cleared everything so far. My plan was to pick up people I knew or that performed well in PUGs I was in. This has worked for the most part but we have about one or two people every week - one tank is in and out and a DPS or two.

I consider the 2healer/3melee/3ranged/2tank setup to work the best for general balance. We two heal everything except BQL at this point. I don't think I'd every want to bring less than three ranged, two would be the minimum. Beasts on Saurfang will turn into an issue and having healers have to stand at range on fester can cause wipes.

I think your best bet is to have one of the melee turn into a tank and you come on your shadowpriest. Also try to find some ranged that will come every week so your raid actually progresses in capabilities as gear is passed out. As far as having a ranged go heal so you're down to one, you don't NEED to. The only boss we three heal is BQL and with better positioning and a little more experience I know we could go down to two.