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01-29-2010, 12:41 PM
Do you like doing damage to bosses, sassing your guild members, and the Princess Bride? Does seeing someone type 'ur dum' make you break out in hives? Are you okay working with insane rocket scientist paladins?

Machiavellis Cat was created in May, 2005, and has had virtually the same leadership since its inception. We raid three times a week -- Tuesday, Thursday, and Monday from 6-9pm PST. We are currently 7/9 in ICC-25, and 9/9 in ICC-10. Putricide has been as low as 5%, and now we're looking for some friends to help push him over the top. We also got up to 3/5 in TotGC before 3.3, and received Rusted Protodrakes for Glory of the Ulduar Raider. We are looking for a DPS warrior or DK, an elemental shaman, a warlock, and a tank (any class) to join the core raid team as we push through ICC.

We are a "casualcore" guild, which means we take our nine hours a week of raiding seriously, but as adults we also know that real life can be a harsh mistress. With limited time to raid each week, we believe very strongly in being prepared, informed, and punctual.

Our members skew a little older than average, and we have more female raiders than most guilds. We are a popular "retirement home" for hardcore ex-officers and guild leaders who are looking for a fun, relaxed, yet progressive environment. Most of us are very, very geeky (lawyers, engineers, programmers, editors). Guild chat is friendly and goofy, and not using texting shorthand is highly recommended. We get together in person once a year at "CatCon". Last year it was in Vegas. Much hilarity ensued.

We are currently looking for a few more butt-kicking members to join the core 25-man raid team. You should be:

* Butt-kicking no matter what your preferred role.
* Have gear that is approximately ready for ICC.
* Understand the importance of spatial awareness and not standing in Bad Things.
* Generally able to attend 2-3 of our raids each week.
* Unflinching if a guildie pulls out a spreadsheet during a theorycraft debate.
* Familiar with the fact that "Ur" is an ancient Mesopotamian city and not a pronoun.

For more information on our guild, please visit our website at http://www.machiavelliscat.com.

Thanks, and happy killing!