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01-29-2010, 06:50 AM
Deus is the semi hardcore (more like casual) alliance raiding guild. We are currently server second and have been consistently for the last 2 years.

Our relevant raiding achievements are as follows

Unlocked MH and BT before the attunement was removed.
SWP Brutallus prenerf
SWP KJ after nerf but at least we were still level 70.

Ulduar 25 all hard modes except 0 lights.

5/5 Heroic (25) Tribute to Mad skill (49 wipes remaining)
5/5 Heroic (10) Tribute to Insanity
We focus mainly on 25 man raiding, however 10 mans obviously are still planned.

Our raid times are (server time)

Sunday Thursday 19:00 to 23:00 (sometimes this runs over (sometimes a lot), not usually though)

We do usually plan something extra for content release, mostly an early start and late finish (not mandatory but fun when we do it). Examples are; Ulduar release we started mid afternoon and raided till 3am, we also raided over that week-end. TotC when Heroic was available we started early too.

Currently we are very full on almost all classes, however exceptional applications will always be considered. So if the above sounds like a guild you want to be a part of please feel free to apply.

Please put effort into your application.


We are actively recruiting:


Exceptional applications only at this time.

You will be TotGC> geared.
You will know your class inside and out
You will be eager to theory craft.
You can produce the numbers required

Please submit your detailed application to: