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01-28-2010, 07:13 AM

Hi i am looking for a good raiding guild that Dont Need a 100% shadow priest I have some log Also Im very experienced Doing research of my class and raid Website im using are Stratfu/ensidia/tankspot/elistjerks/Shadowpriest.com

Im also reliable Ive raid as a healer 2 but i like Shadow more Ive clear everything since pre bc On my warrior And Since toc im raiding on my priest have HM Experience and Sunwell Pre nerf Experience If u need a shadow priest or want more information u can contact me in game or Via MSN/Xfire/Steam

I also alway bring my own consumable 20 haste potion 10 health potion and 10 Mana potion Never know what il need for the encounter and 15 frostwyrm flask and 5 Flask of Pure Mojo So yeah i alway com prepar to my raid and with the good attitude.

My shadow glyphs are - Major = Glyph of shadow word pain: The 1% mana regen from my Shadow Word Pain ticks is helpful at mana reg since every boss fight I make sure to keep SW.P up and constant.

Glyph of Mindflay - Chosen for the 10% increase in damage. Since I constantly have SW.P up and am constantly spamming MF when my DoT's are still up and MB is on CD, I found the damage increase very helpful.

Glyph of Shadow - Chosen for the DPS increase. Not many Major glyphs would help other than dispersion, but that's just for its cooldown and not worth the little gain in dps loss since I find managing mana to be pretty simple.

Minor Glyphs Chosen = Levitate Glyph - No more feathers needed for levitate. Also with the Fire in ToGC, levitate from a priest was very useful as to stop the ticks from occuring once the fire hit you (destroying the levitate, instead of marking you), allowing more time to move.

Glyph of Fortitude - If Anybody dies I can rebuff him and cost me less mana.

Glyph of Shadowfiend - Another helpful increase to my mana if it seems to be running out.

Most Minor glyphs for a priest are more or less just whatever glyphs. I find they are more preference for the minors.

What my goal if im guilded: My goals if I am guilded would be to just become a better player and to show you guys that I can compete with you. Show that I'm not another player who thinks they are good and can't show for it.

Yes I am the current owner of this account and have an authenticator on it so I shall never be hacked again.

Theocraf :The most I have ever theorycrafted would be trying out different specs and different gem builds on my shadow priest to find the most effective means of stable DPS and increase it. I do not have screenshots or any spreadsheets as I do this when I am half dead or at around 2am in the morning so the thought never crosses my mind. But I do research a lot from Elitist jerks,Shadowpriest.com and Ensidia.com Tankspot. and try their ideas mixed with my own, whether rotation or gear selection.

Raid Experience

10 Man - Karazhan/ZA/ToC/Naxx/Ulduar - Full Clear 9/9
20 Man - ZG/AQ20 - Full Clear
25 Man - Mag/Gruul/SSC/TK/Hyjal/BT/Sunwell Muru Pre nurf/Naxx/Ulduar/OS/Malygos/Toc/Icc Full clear 8/9 ATM doing a raid tonight
40 Man - BWl/MC/AQ40 To C'thun
HardMode -Ulduar Everything clear beside 1 light have algalon down /TogC Skill 25 man and insanity 10 man/ OS 3 drake 10 and 25 man

My raid attitude It's the expectations of performance, attitude, and attendance. It's letting your team know when you can't make it. It's showing up with the right frame of mind. It's showing up mentally and physically (consumables, ho!) prepared. It's treating your teammates with respect, not derision and mockery. It's knowing that you are part of a group that is *choosing* to spend 4 hours of your evening *together* doing something you all find interesting and fun. And if you screw with that, you're screwing with your entire team ... and if you do that too much, you don't have a team anymore.

Gaming Level Experience: Ive been playing high level end game on other game 2 Cevo Cal Dota tournement Lan party Win Tournement prices Ive attemp every lan in the quebec and 1 in toronto going to the dreamhack next years Ive been playing Teamforterest 2 In Esea Counter-strike And Counter-strike source in IM+ Also been playing Ladder tournement of Warcraft 3 Got the WCG Pro gammer icon And im also a quick learner did some little project left and right with friend programation Doing some support for some website been admin and Shoutcasting Lanparty tournement Also been Maintank And Officer and quit of few guild

And there also a WOS http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/ye5hz9wxtnsembhx/sum/damageDone/
And there my WoW UI http://i510.photobucket.com/albums/s346/umokthar/WoWScrnShot_012510_230356.jpg

Concact information:

Thanx for reading my post hope to hear from you soon
Concact information:
Direcly on tankspot.com via pm or this post
Ingame Blackrock:FrŽnchy

Thanx for reading my post hope to hear from you soon