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01-28-2010, 02:28 AM
Hello ladies and gentlemen of the guildless or of the unsatisfied collective of the World of Warcraft!

In order for our guild to be fully prepared for the continued extermination of the Lich King's Army, we
currently have a dire need for:

1 Tank of any class
Demonology Warlock

In addition we are always looking for world class DPS and Heals. So if everything you read grabs your attention, and you can pull 8k+ on nearly every fight you have done in ICC shoot an application over, we will be very interested.

We are currently 9/12 ICC 25

What we are:

Paradigm Shift is a hardcore raiding guild, everything is aimed at progressing, we are past the infant stage of the guild and have been around for nearly a year. We transferred to Moonrunner from our original server of Blackhand in June of 2009 due to server population issues and raid servers constantly being full, we went through the trials of having to rebuild the remainder of the guild and are now stronger than ever and look to build on that to challenge everyone in hard modes. We are looking for player's with the min/max attitude, top professions, top elixers/flasks, top food, we want those doing the Love is in the air quests to stockpile the perfumes and cologne's for the small benefit they provide, we want those who want to be what we are looking to become, the best.

Why join Paradigm Shift ?

In 2 words: common sense.

Who gets invited?
For any endgame instance, we stress that people must be self motivated to get gear that will give them the greatest advantage when they step in. You must show self reliance.

Also you need to read up on the instances and ask for advice from your officers. They have been through instances themselves many a time and are there to improve you as a player. In the end, they have to decide whether or not you can raid with us, and showing enthusiasm will go a long way. Please accept their critiques positively and work on improving your raid play, you put out good numbers, good effort, show perfect raid awareness and you will have a full time raiding spot with us, it does not matter if it is your first day for 6th month the better you perform the more raiding time you get.

When you do come in to any instance, you must listen to your raid leader. Doing so will showcase your reliability and increase your chances for future invites. This really comes to mind with bosses that will make individuals key in an encounter. If you blow up the raid even if you receive multiple tells, warnings, etc., it does not help your situation. Listen, a raid is not a democracy if you are looking for one where you can plead your case as to why you screwed up, there are care bear guilds out there, you mess up you get asked why fess up and we move on.

When you do apply - this is stated in the application forum but some people fail at reading - please, please, please, PLEASE put effort into your application. One word answers will not get you looked upon with enthusiasm. First impressions are everything. Read the instructions carefully, re-read what you wrote, determine if it will be met with merit rather than skepticism - and send away!

We use a loot council for loot distribution, it also varies slightly from the normal officer loot as we do have regular guild members on the council. As a trial member do not expect loot, you may or may not get any because especially when you first join you are the lowest priority to receive loot, afterall we do not know if you can perform or fit with the group.

Our raid schedule currently is as follows: PST raid times
Sunday 5:00 -9:30 PM ST

Monday 5:00 -9:30 PM ST

Tuesday 5:00 - 9:30 PM ST

Wednesday 5:00 - 9:30 PM ST

Thursday 5:00 - 9:30 PM ST

Friday OFF

Saturday OFF

Raids may and will go later based off the performance of the evening and for progression so be prepared and do not state the first time it does, "Oh its 9:30 raid is supposed to be over". We constantly have 10 mans being ran out of normal raiding times by many members of the guild. Please visit the website below or visit us in game on Moonrunner, contact »xiledknight, Lenaea, Alahnii, or Nephelim in game. We all have alts if we arent on just pst a member and ask if we are aorund.

Thank you for your time.

Our website is http://paradigmshiftguild.com/