View Full Version : US (H) PvE Combat Rogue LF Guild

01-27-2010, 03:19 AM
(H) Gahrona, 80 Orc Rogue.

(Currently accepted trial invite to Requiem of Azuremyst) 2-2-2010
5465+ Gearscore
2929 Wow-Heroes gearscore
dual specced combat swords, combat daggers. Going mut when have 264 daggers 2x.

raid exp:
ICC25:4/9 Storming Citadel Acheivement/made a mess saurfang acheivement.
ICC10: 1/9
ToC10reg: FC, Salt and Pepper achievement
Onyxia 10/25
Obsidian Sanctum: Twilight Vanquisher title
VoA: Archavon/Emalon/Koralon 10/25
EoE: 10/25
Ulduar: Only know first wing.
Naxx: know all fights from oldschool Naxx40. Have downed Saph.

Raid Schedule:
Any day: time depends on the server time.

I am willing to transfer and or faction change. It is time for me to raid! I currently live and work in Iraq as a contractor supporting the military. My schedule is flexible and can make majority of raids. Willing to lead a 10 man ICC offnight group if needed. Private message me or post back on this thread if interested. Thanks.