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01-26-2010, 09:59 PM
A Horde guild on Arthas (US)

Who are we?
Knights Of Shadow is a long time guild on Arthas-US (PvP) and been around since day one, raided all throughout Vanilla and TBC while always remaining competitive. We have a solid base of long time members and a great calm raiding atmosphere, with a focus on fun and progression. We try to involve everyone in guild activities, even if it means alternate 10mans or heroic farming during non-raid hours. The guild is very helpful and many people often put in extra time to help others research their class/spec or help fill in gaps in their gear if need be.

KoS is a large scale multi-gaming mmog clan, and has also achieved many great things on other games.

What do we want?
KoS is currently in search of skilled and committed raiders for 3.3+
We are looking for new recruits to help push through Icecrown Citadel, in preparation for hard modes.
At the moment our primary 10/25 man groups are 9/9 and 6/9 respectively with a lack of caster DPS, too many melee and poor attendance hurting us in 25man.

What is our schedule?
Our raids run three nights a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, starting at 7:30 and ending at approximately 12:00, give or take depending on the situation. Well written applications will merit a response to have them contact an officer, and will be given a trial invite. The trial process can last up to 3 weeks depending on several factors such as performance, commitment and punctuality. Loot is distributed based on a DKP system, the rules to which are listed on the guild website.

We are currently running 2x 10man's on Tues. and Wed. and then our 25man on Thurs. and Mon. 7:30-11:00pm. But this is all subject to change shortly.

We are mainly in need of:


We will still consider other exceptional applicants for potential ICC10 and alt groups.

The following criteria should be considered before applying:

*Able to attend 90% of Raids
*Extensive endgame raid experience, preferably ICC25 experience as well.
*Ability to learn and adapt quickly
*Possess solid gear at least tier 9.5 properly gemmed and enchanted. Tier 10 is preferred and beneficial to your chances.
*Have extensive knowledge of your class and its role in a raid.
*Patience and understanding when dealing with wipes on new content.
*Not have any glaring mental or chemical imbalances.
*Able to take, and absorb criticism, of any capacity.
*Can be prepared and on time for scheduled raids
*Get enjoyment out of raiding, while still being able to focus and perform.

If you are interested in joining the raid team, you can submit an application at:
or on the DKP site itself, at
http://kos.dkpsystem.com/news.php (http://kos.dkpsystem.com/news.php)

Thank you very much for reading.
Please make sure you read the sticky posts on our guild application forums!
Best of luck, And we look forward to hearing from you.

Range DPS situation looking better. Still looking for competent healers.