View Full Version : Rotface, STILL a problem /sigh please help.

01-26-2010, 07:07 AM
Hello, i posted recently that we were having kiting issues. but the problem now is, we get him to 40-50% but after the first Big ooze goes off, it seems like the bosses has an enrage almost that starts to shoot the disease that gives a small ooze, like crazy, we got to the point, where after only 20 seconds if even that, we had 3 seperate big oozes .... how can we help this?

For the fight we have MT Warrior, OT Paladin (me)
DPS: Rogue, Mage, Hunter, Warrior, Paladin (or 2nd Mage depends on the day / week)
Heals: Shaman (our main dps for 2 heal fights), priest, druid.

Honestly the only problem we are having is to many oozes after the first explosion. We try to use only the shaman on cleansing and have him for the most part follow me around since he is only off heals.
I dont take much damage, but im just wondering if any1 can give me some tips i can use for my next raid to help figure this out, this is our 2nd week failing on him, after a total of about 10 attempts and getting him to 42% lowest. Any suggestions on Oozes after the first explosion / 50% and lower HP would be great.

01-26-2010, 07:15 AM
I'm probably not the best person to answer this as our kills are getting messier by the week :) That said, it sounds to me like the main problem is people not running out fast enough to the big ooze, you want (at least while learning) to be always combining small oozes into big ones, meaning you have only one big one only to kite and one small one "coming near". It gets pretty chaotic with a constant stream of people running out. Macro targetting yourself with something obvious and make sure you always have a mark above your head so people know which way to run and if the small oozes agro mechanics fail, make sure whoever they agro onto, runs out with it.

01-26-2010, 07:24 AM
see we can kill every single boss 1 shot no problem other then this guy, he just seems to kick our butt hardcore, and its just chaos around 50% after the first explosion, most of the raid is good at getting to me, and i try to cleanse them myself i can, but like its said that small ooze sometimes breaks off the person and just runs to who ever it wants which ends up hurting us pretty bad because its hard for me to try and get the small ooze on me, since its untauntable and finding out who has it can be a bit diffifult since its got almost no damage lol

Also is it a viable option to let the very first person to get the disease to just hold onto it, until the 2nd disease is out, and then have them stand next to eachother for clease?

01-26-2010, 07:29 AM
Disease has a short duration so even without cleansing the first person will have to "stand in a corner" with their ooze until the second person is infected.

Out of interest how are you dealing with the ooze explosion? Splitting up, moving boss? If you can merge the first 6 oozes with few problems I'm not sure why the next 6 are such a problem, yes he casts faster but assuming your dps is good (assuming you've downed fester) then the cast shold only get really fast at 30% health.

Best way to deal with small oozes is ask someone to target any lose ones and shout out who's got agro on them.

01-26-2010, 07:33 AM
From what you've posted, it sounds like your group are panicing a bit when the big ooze blows. This is a critical point in the fight, as you really want to have be efficient in reforming the new big ooze. Stick a mark on the kiters head, make sure the mark is being re-applied if the boss mod messes with it, make sure people know to run directly to you if they get the debuff.

I kite oozes on my dk alt and find the ability to put a ranged snare on the little oozes to be a massive asset. Looking at your raid comp, I'd question whether the hunter could be helping you out somehow. Perhaps dropping a frost trap in a pre-designated position to help you form the first ooze. You could even consider having the hunter as the ooze kiter rather than you, if he's good. As long as he stays well away from the big ooze and is careful around the slime patches (maybe a bit of stam/pvp gear) then he has all the tools he needs.

01-26-2010, 07:37 AM
Well, the first 6 are just fine for us, then we move the boss right behind where the tank was stadning because we know no1 has been there, we rarely have any deaths an Ensidia Fails only says maybe 1-2 people if even that every mess up, its always just the next 6 oozes .... is it better to bloodlust at 50% on the next 6 oozes ore to blood lust at the start? ... weve been doing it at the start..... Would it be best for me to be only 1 to cleanse? Also ive tried using the map like a clock to tell people my location besides the symbol above my head .. to help people out, but some of them stil lget lost and run the opposite way ... if me cleasing only might help .. can any1 link me a Mouse over macro or a "target nearest person" type macro that could work with it?

01-26-2010, 07:53 AM
We were able to get Rotface down last week. It was our first night trying him and we spent about 3.5 hours working on him and clearing/reclearing his trash. The 2 keys for our attempt were switching from a pally to a DK for kiting and going down to 2 healers (holy priest & resto shaman (me)) instead of 3. I realize the DK tank part isn't helpful for you but dropping to 2 healers could help a lot. The fight isn't healing intensive as long as people are moving out of the slime spray. A disc priest is also great for this fight--their shields aren't affected by the healing debuff from the disease.

We actually started out with 2 healers but switched to 3 because it seemed like we were getting overrun with damage. But as the night progressed and we learned the fight better we realized a lot of the damage (ie slime spray) was avoidable. That's when we switched back to 2 healers.

01-26-2010, 08:39 AM
Instead of having to worry about remarking yourself if you, the kiter, gets an infection, bring out a non-combat pet, and mark it instead. I also mark the Big Ooze, for those that are visually challenged in seeing a big ooze but are drawn to the nipple. I always kite in a clockwise direction... I call on vent if someone is ZOMG LOST in the circular room on if they should go counter or clockwise to get to the Big Ooze. Also when I played on a dps alt, I set my camera to max distance and this let me see the whole room, so I knew exactly where the Big Ooze was at all times.

Little oozes don't have squirly aggro and change targets, unless the original target is like a hunter and they FD w/o you generating aggro on the ooze first, in which case the ooze will likely run to a healer. If you use target of target, you will see who the little ooze is targeting.

The first ooze, and the first after each explosion, needs to be kited by that person until the 2nd ooze spawns, merge it, then you get the Big Ooze. Since you are running with a hunter, If when it gets all hectic and you accidentally get a 2nd Big Ooze, Taunt it, Mark it, Yell on Vent for a misdirect, otherwise you'll keep losing aggro to healers and it'll just AoE the center of the room to death.

And make sure the shaman doesn't drop a Cleansing totem ;)

/cast [target=mouseover] cleanse