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01-25-2010, 07:59 PM
Founded 6/09, Bound is a guild based upon constant improvement and communication. While raiding is our largest focus, it is balanced with all other aspects of the game. Bound is comprised of mature gamers who have a consistent vision of what it takes maintain raiding at a high level.

We are a group of players who came together around a small website and podcast, who have grown into a group of friends and colleagues who put as much into the guild as we get out of it. Since we have a fairly strict 21+ requirement, we tend to be very like minded adults who have come to share a common hobby, goals, and drive for progression and constant improvement.

What do we expect from guild members?
Simply put, we expect for members to have fun while at the same time creating a fun environment for their guild mates. We want courteous players who are mindful of others whether thatís in guild chat, a party or trade channel. Itís all too easy to have the entire reputation of a guild marred by the actions of one person. I can assure you that anything construed by the guild leadership as detrimental to the reputation of this guild will be addressed quickly and may lead to removal of members from the guild.

Raid Nights
8:45 PM Ė Invites Begin
9:00 PM Ė 12:00 AM Ė Raid
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday
Times are Central Standard Time, which is Staghelm server time.

We are currently recruiting the following classes/specs:
Balance Druid
Enhancement Shaman
Resto Shaman
Affliction or Destruction Warlock

For more information, or to apply, please visit www.bound-staghelm.com. (http://www.bound-staghelm.com)