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01-24-2010, 09:16 AM
Guild: Censura
Raid Times: 7-11pm
Raid Days: Tues,Wed,Sun
Website: http://www.censura-guild.com

About us:

Censura is a raiding guild. With a strong core of committed, talented, and knowledgeable members, and leadership that has played together for 10 years in EQ-EQ2-Vanguard etc. As a guild we work together to move forward. We will clear all 25 man WoTLK content together. We have a low time commitment for raids 3 days @ 4 hours per day. Consistent raiders are very important to the success of any guild. Therefore if you can not make all raid days with exception to real life emergencies please do not apply.

We are consistent and focused while raiding. All raiders come to raids on time, fully repaired, enchanted, gemmed and with consumables. Raids start on time and end on time (no exceptions). We have a respectful, mature and no drama raid/guild environment, However we do like to have fun and joke around if you are easily offended, or thin skinned this may NOT be the place for you. We don't raid stack or swap for fights. Mistakes in raid are handled without the need to berate and put members of our team down but are taken care of to keep progression moving.

About you:

We are only looking for players that know their class and keep up with changes to it. You should be knowledgeable and be able to perform in different specs. Your gear should be the best possible you can acquire with your current progression. This includes being exalted with Sons of Hodir and having the best possible gems and enchants at all times.

Communication with our raid team and the guilds officers is very important as well as keeping up with guild forums. If you have issues communicating or being reliable this is not the guild for you. If this is "just a game" to you and can not see past that to commit 12 hours a week to the other members of your raid team, do not apply. You need a stable connection and good fps in a 25 man raid environment, if your system and connection can not handle the content neither can you.

25 Man Progression Status

Naxxramas - 15/15
Vault of Archavon - 3/3
The Obsidian Sanctum - 1/1
The Eye of Eternity - 1/1
Ulduar - 12/14
ToC - 5/5
ICC - 4/12

10 Man Progression Status

Naxxramas - 15/15
Vault of Archavon/Emalon - 3/3
The Obsidian Sanctum - 1/1
The Eye of Eternity - 1/1
Ulduar - 13/14
ToC - 5/5 3/5 hard
ICC - 6/12


We are currently recruiting

Skilled players high playtime any class/spec

Pm in game or in game mail Diroma (recruitment officer)
Tegamyen or Dobyn are also also available to answer any question you may have.