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01-24-2010, 07:13 AM
Simple rules.
You take your mage or priest and jump off a high point and try and land as close to the center of the "hole" The closer you are the better you do. You have to be alive when you land so if you fall hit dead center and die, it does not count. you may use any means to propel yourself.

here is a rundown of the holes so far. very bare bones in terms of description, i will add the screen shots to make it easier.
1) platform to the north east of occulus to a platform floating over the channel.
2) Castle roof to the middle lake of sholizar.
3) pillar in sholizar to middle lake
4) skull ledge by castle to square pool
5) cliff below castle to one of the small round towers by the ships
6) top of icc to platform above moonrest gardens in dragonblight (surge needle)
7) airship to ring with sword by argent tourney
8 ) Dala peak to landing pad.
9) top of wormrest temple to the pillar of purple to the south.
10) thorims peak to argent tourny
11) top of ulduar to engine of the makers
12) terrace of the makers to ampitheator of anguish
13) naxxramis to a wall to the north east land on one of the towers on the wall.
14) bloodmoon isle tower to ruins of tethys (grizzly)
15) elevator in howling ford to the archery range to the left of the lift.

new holes (more info coming)
16) Top of grizzly hills tree to the fire pit straight off the point
17) high mountain on the grizzly/ ford border to the center of the tree
18) thor modan cliff to the island where the L is in bloodmoon isle
19) top of utgrade keep the pond in hilgrind
20) wintergrasp border to an

here is a rough map of the course.
Ill put up all the screenshots etc later if I can. AS well as the point system and different ways to play.

01-25-2010, 11:18 AM
I always have fun on my warrior leaping from Deathbringer's Rise and trying to slide down the buttress to land inside Lady Deathwhisper's elevator shaft... haven't hit it yet as a warrior, but a mage might be able to.

(If you can't slowfall, I'd advise taking your armor off first).