View Full Version : US Bubble Hearth

01-22-2010, 07:32 PM
Of Nathrezim

Ok so im going to sum this up as fast as i can so you can race over to our web site and apply. (Bubblehearth.wowstead.com)

Who are we?
We are a casual, easy going and mature group of raiders.

What do we want?
Nothing more than to have fun raiding with like minded people.

When do we raid?
7:15 sever tues/sat

What do we need?
A shammy (any class, but a healer would be perfect)
A rogue
A warrior (any class, a tank would be sweet)
A boomkin
And even if you are not a shammy, rogue, warrior, or boomkin and would like to apply we would love to have you join.

So having said all that i hope to see you with us in ICC!