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01-21-2010, 09:22 AM
Bladesworn (http://www.bladesworn.com)

Seeking & Misc:

Bladesworn is currently seeking 1-2 talented casters (Mage, Boomkin or Warlock). We have a Tribute to Mad Skill in ToGC and have missed Insanity by 1 attempt, twice, due to bad luck with RNG. We are readily clearing ICC up to Putricide but are in need of more caster damage to close the deal.

Please be able to handle mature topics, constructive criticism. You must constantly strive to be better.

If you are interested, please head over to Bladesworn (http://www.bladesworn.com) and fill out an application or contact me in-game on Invictius. Thanks for your time.


Bladesworn strives to be top notch raiding guild with a emphasis on 10-man progression. We seek to push the envelope whenever possible by cracking new content wide open and sealing the fate of tough achievements. Our raid schedule is dynamic depending on member needs, but Bladesworn hopes to field a 3 to 4 day raid schedule in the near future. While Bladesworn is PvE-oriented, we never turn away from a chance to show our versatility as a formidable PvP force as well.

Raid Times:

Tuesday @ 6:00PST
Wednesday @ 6:00PST
Thursday @ 6:00PST

If necessary (optional but encouraged):
Sunday @ 1:00PST

This schedule will persist through current member obligations. Fridays & Saturdays will NEVER be raided on.

Loot Policy:

Bladesworn utilizes a Loot-Council based system of loot distribution. The system operates based off of a wide array of variable including player activity, bank contribution, recent loot rewards and need. The purpose of this system is to ensure loot is distributed in a way that is fair, efficient and emphasizes guild progress over individual progress. In the event of a disagreement, members will be allowed to voice their reasoning in a civil manner as to why they should receive the item; however, once the officers make the final decision, you are expected to respect it. There will be zero tolerance for loot related drama.

Requirements & Expectations

First off, this thread primarily targets anyone seeking the status of "Blade" which is our progression raider status. If you are wishing to join simply for the social aspect of the guild, no application is necessary. Simply contact an officer (rank of Sworn) and an invite for the rank of "Friends/Family" will be sent. Regardless of your rank, you will be held to the standard of the "Expectations" section.


Your computer and internet connection must be STABLE. If you have a recurring issue that inhibits your reliability, you will be demoted or removed until such time the problem is cured.
You must maintain an exceptional attendance rate (>85%) excluding personal emergencies or mitigating factors (such as sudden work project, scholastic exams, sick child, etc).
You must be talented. Button-smashers need not apply. You are required to stay on the cutting-edge of your class by keeping up with related trends, changes and information. You should be aware of your class's prevailing spreadsheet, builds and etc. allowing you to squeeze every last drop of efficiency from your toon.
You must be reasonably geared. As of 01/21/2010, it is suggested that you have an average item level of 245. This is not a rigid requirement as some class's Best-in-Slot item could be ilevel 200 and so forth. Please do not apply if you are decked out in Naxx 10/25 or Uld 10 gear.
You must be self-sufficient. While the guild does try to provide raid essential materials such as flasks, food, repairs and so forth, you are still expected to generate your own revenue, provide your own raid materials and repairs. You must help yourself before the guild will help you.
You must be able to follow orders regardless of your own opinion. There will be times where you feel a certain course of action is not the proper one. If that is the case, you should voice your opinion through the proper channels (ie: an officer) but continue following the stated plan until otherwise notified.
You must be stubbornly persistent when it comes to giving up. As a progression guild, we will inevitably face difficult encounters which involve chain wiping. You must be willing to stay encouraged and in the fight. Our raids will generally run a 3 hour time-slot. You are required to remain in the raid until it is disbanded.
The guild requires weekly dues to support the guild wealth and allow for flask/pot/enchanting mat distribution. As of 12/24/2009, the current dues are 75g per week.


You are expected to discourage drama. Raiding environments often encourage drama. Should something upset you at any point, you are encouraged to express your concern to an officer or through the member forums. Do not bottle up your issues or engage in "behind-the-back" slander.
You are expected to share a jovial personality. We are an 18+ guild and often discuss mature topics. You must be able to act and react to sarcasm, humor (both appropriate & inappropriate) and criticism in a even-tempered manner.
You are expected to maintain a positive reputation for yourself and the guild on the server and the game community in general. If a lot of people don't like you, its probably for good reason and will be taken into consideration by the officers.
You are expected to be generous. The guild is able to provide for itself via your donations and contributions. While there is no quota at this point in time, you are still expected to show your relevant contribution to the guild bank, however small.