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01-20-2010, 11:05 PM
This is for 10 man.

What do you do if your group (a group of regulars you aren't going to change) is 3 melee 2 ranged? Stick a healer out there? With as hard as it is to keep the tanks alive having a healer get stunned constantly seems like a worse problem than just having a DPS sit around out in the field doing no DPS.

edit- I'll explain our strategy as of our last try.

We're swapping tanks at 7 stacks. We have a mage, a hunter, and a druid healer standing at range.
We have a Shammy, Druid, and Priest (me) healing. Shammy and Druid start off raid, I heal the tanks until 2 inhales then the Shammy switches to help. At 3 inhales we use cooldowns. Healing is tough since one healer is usually stunned but usually a tank only dies upon a switch if they don't have enough spore buffs.
With spores, we have everyone run to the middle to get the spore buffs. The problem is we sometimes get puked on when one of the range wants to come in to get the spore buff.
We tried what is said in the video, having people running all over to distribute the buff, but I'll just tell you frankly that this group isn't quite that coordinated and we've been a lot more successful (53% and according to recount beating the enrage timer but rather closely) just having people run in. We've just had a couple wipes because of puking. I actually don't understand the mechanics of the fight well enough to know if it's a timing issue or what, having the spore that needs spreading but also puking on people (i'm just a poor little healer). My raid leader says that in order to tank Fester the tanks need the spore buff just against normal attacks. I thought it was just on his big AoE but I'm not sure. If he's right then we have a timing problem with the spores and puke, if he's not then it's just a healing failure, but the second tank just seems to go down in 1 or 2 hits upon the switch.

01-20-2010, 11:45 PM
There are 2 spores, 2 symbols DBM (or whatever) uses. Assign one to stay in melee. One to stay in ranged. Like if both are in ranged, Skull runs in. Or if both are in melee Skull runs out.

And the spore buff doesn't affect his normal physical attacks. It will help with the other shadow damage going around.

You will likely need to coincide external CDs with the 3rd inhale. You need to get the tank to survive for 20 sec before he does the big AoE.

01-21-2010, 12:34 AM
My usual 10man group has 3 melee and 2 ranged, and we have just been using our raid healer as the third ranged member. We use a Disc priest, druid, and holy priest.

For spores, we just tell the people that get them to stay put and let the rest of the group move to them. If there are two at range, the skull goes to melee. If there are two in melee, the X goes to range. Of course, sometimes you have to adjust so you don't have the hunter running into melee range or the main tank running to range, but there is usually plenty of time to evaluate before calling for someone to move.

01-21-2010, 12:50 AM
In our 10m guild, we often only have two ranged as well. If that is the case, we have our most mobile healer stand out. Luckily for us, we have resto druid. As you said you have a druid as well, just have the druid stand out -- if they need to move, druids can still pump out some good HPS while moving (and it's not like they have to move far).

01-21-2010, 06:51 AM
We often have this problem, too. Not enough casters! Like Stymie we have our most mobile healer out with the range and have the person who is in charge of healing up the barfed-on person inside so they never are barfed on themself.

Also instead of worrying about who should stay in, who should stay out and whatnot for the sports, we have everyone cuddle up right on the tank until the spores are gone. Once the disease is up the ranged players just scatter again. Since everyone was getting group heals at this point it anyway worked great. This helps alleviate the panic of who should go where when the spores are out. Note, this may be a much more difficult maneuver if 2-healing it.