View Full Version : US [A] PvE Malfurion Requiem

01-20-2010, 10:46 PM
Requiem is looking for exceptional ranged DPS, Healers, and a tank for ICC 25. We are an alliance end game raiding guild and are very focused when new content becomes available.

We are looking for gear but more importantly the skill to use the gear. Mature raiders are a must.

Raid times:
8:00 to 11:00 Server
Tuesday 10 ICC
Wed 25 ICC
Thursday 10 ICC
Friday & Sat as needed for progression.

ICC Progression
10 ICC First Wing, Fester, Rot.
25 ICC First Wing

Mature focused raiding: (Drama will not be tolerated)
Come to raids prepared to raid (flasks repaired Etc.)
There is no mandatory attendance, however if you sign up for a raid you are expected to be present.

Death Knight: Closed
Druid: Feral(tank)/Resto/Balance
Hunter: Exceptional applicants considered.
Mage: Exceptional applicants considered.
Paladin: Holy
Priest: All specs DPS highly desired.
Rogue: Open
Shaman: Elemental
Warlock: Exceptional applicants considered.
Warrior: Fury

Apply at www.requiem-malfurion.com/recruit (http://www.requiem-malfurion.com/recruit)

Wisper Aron, Candin, Strykr, Rachina, Tornwrath, or Walknonwater for more info.