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01-20-2010, 12:35 AM
Project - The Raid Boss

This is just a random, comedy idea that crossed my mind and somehow grew into something larger. This is for comedy value only, so please don't complain that timers / mechanics / loot items are unrealistic.

HP: 10 Minutes worth of DPS from an acceptably geared raid.
15 minute enrage timer.
Fight is within a large sea of cubicles

Phase 1 - Requirements (100% -> 60% HP)

He randomly teleports every 20 seconds
Each teleport, 2 adds spawn ('End User') in random locations and run towards Project

They move at 120% Run Speed
They have no aggro table and are un-taunt-able.
When they reach the project they randomly heal between 2% and 40% HP
For each one that reaches him, an additional add will spawn in each subsequent teleport (cumulative)

Phase - Build (60% -> 35% HP)

He continues to randomly teleport every 20 seconds
End users continue to spawn, but for each add successfully killed, the number that appear on each subsequent teleport is reduced by one.
Every 30 seconds the boss gains 'Unclear Specification', reducing all incoming damage by 90%. This is dispelled by eliminating a 'Business Analyst' who will spawn in a random location.

He moves at 120% run speed.
Runs away from combat, and is un-tauntable.

Phase - Testing (35% - 0% HP)

If the End Users have not been eliminated, they will continue to spawn in random locations every 20 seconds.
Once he reaches 35%, and every 30 seconds thereafter, a large number of bugs spawn around the arena (2 * the number of end users that got through + 20).

These bugs have random HP (between 500 - 5k)
Each bug that reaches him heals him for 1% HP
Each bug killed reduces the number spawned next time by one, down to a minimum of 10.

Hard Modes
There are 3 mobs in the room that can be eliminated before starting the combat. Leaving them up enables the hard modes and has the following effects.

The Architect

Periodically Heals Project
The first time Project falls to 25%, He is healed back to 100% and restarts the Requirements Phase.

Project Manager

Whenever an End User makes it through, he enters the fray and randomly stuns 2 raid members (5 for 25man)
The Enrage timer is reduced by 5 minutes.

Key Stakeholder

Spawns an End User on a randomized timer (between 5 and 10 seconds) at a random location. This is in effect during all phases.

Well, I don't have that many ideas for this part, but I'm sure people out there have a few. Here's the ones I do have:

Deathmarch (Heirloom Trinket)

XP from monsters and quests increased by 20%
You no longer gain the benefits of rested XP.

Lumberg's Scheduler (1H Sword)

The Motivator (2H Mace)

Red Swingline Stapler (Trinket)

Use: Cause 5k fire damage to your target