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01-18-2010, 12:05 PM
Carpe Imperium is looking for exceptional DPS and one raid healer for ICC 25. We are a semi hardcore alliance raiding guild that is very serious when new content becomes playable. We have a core of about 15 raiders that have been playing together for some time now. We are an extremly fun guild, well respected on Malfurion, and full of wonderful people. Real life comes first and we understand that, no one is required to be at all raids, but when you do raid we expect you to be serious on new content until it is on farm.

We are looking for skill not so much as gear. We have some very high rated arena teams and often have guild pvp, and contests. Some include Fantasy Football Drafts for gold, funny pics, GUILD 1V1's and scavenger hunts. Please take a look at www.ciwow.com (http://www.ciwow.com) and put a post on it. Please follow the guide lines about how to post.

Raid Times
7 to 10:30 Server Time - All raids
Weds = 10 man ICC - Grp 1
Thursday = 10 man ICC - Grp 2
Friday = 25 man ICC
Sunday = 25 man ICC

Progress in ICC
10 ICC - First, second wings, Blood princes and Dreamwalker
25 ICC - First 4 and fester

Our Expectations
-We expect members to come to raids with consumables and be repaired.
-We have no attendance policy, though consistent raiders are slotted first
-We expect all raiders to understand guild loot and member policies (1 need per run, unlimited greeds)
-Our guild bank offers a discount on all enchanting mats and anything else that ends up in there, and also provides fish feasts for every attempt.
-Raiders get flasks for dirt cheap prices if they are 15 minutes early to the raid - 4 for 25g
-Most of all we expect members to have fun!

Content cleared - WOTLK
10 naxx
10 OS with 3
10 VoA
10 Maly
25 Maly
25 Naxx
25 VoA
25 Os with 2 drake, working on 3rd
10 Ulduar - Hardmodes are almost done
25 Ulduar - Everything up too Yogg 2nd phase
10 toc
10 H toc
25 toc
10 Ony
25 Ony
10 ICC - First, second wings, Blood princes and Dreamwalker
25 ICC - First 4 and fester

Restro/ Feral Druid- (med)
Enhancement/Restro Shamen - Enhancement shamen (high)
Shadow Priest - (high)
Mage - (low)
Warrior - (low)
Pally (low)
Ranged DPS that pulls above 6.6k (high)

All apps. will be looked at

You can wisper the following on Malfurion
Jerryblunted, Talshi, Gnommia, Manginae