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01-17-2010, 12:38 AM
My guild decided that now is a great time to get some rusted protos since we could never do it before. We're in ICC now working on Festergut and Professor Putricide, and we've finished ToGC-10. We also run 25s but we don't have enough serious people to do as well as we can normally do in 10s. A couple weeks ago we went back and crushed most everything in Ulduar. Last night we got Firefighter, now tonight we're on Yogg+1 in 10-man

We basically wiped all night. We didn't have the same team as before of course. We aren't leading our server by any means, but I'm really hoping our new shiny gear can help power through any issues our guild would normally have. I did have some questions.

1. 1 tank? Certainly for phase 1 and 2 it's working, can 1 tank keep up in phase 3 in 10-mans?

2. 2 heal or 3 heal? We've been 3-healing the whole night and it's just not been working out - people are dying to RNG all the time, and by the time the brain team comes up there's probably still a Crusher and maybe 3 corruptors still standing.

3. How much time do we spend decursing? We had a fairly balanced team - the Pally tank was doing his best to help clean, and our mage was also removing everything he could - possibly to the detriment of the group. Are we wasting too much time cleaning and not enough time killing? In regular it's no problem but those suckers throw out curses like crazy with only 1 keeper...

Everything else except for maybe Mimron and Freya has been a 1-shot or 2-shot in here. What can we do to make this fight easier?

01-17-2010, 01:00 AM
It honestly sounds like you're lacking in the DPS if you're still having mobs up.

01-18-2010, 04:06 AM
Not quite sure what to say without being able to view logs. It sounds like a dps issue. You should easily be able to tank yogg+1 by yourself, but realistically you should also never have trouble dpsing down the tentacles before the brain team is done. Are you (or whoever is tanking) making sure to interrupt the crusher tentacles diminish power cast? If you have the dps for firefighter, you should certainly be able to clear the top of yogg's room of all tentacles before the brain team resurfaces. That's 1 thing I can think of that might really be holding you back on that fight.

01-18-2010, 04:52 AM
I'd say 1 tank (yes, p3 will be fine) and 2 healers - preferably the healers are the ones who'll do the majority of the cleansing, but consider a shaman's cleansing totem either way. Don't send a full healer down to the brain - any hybrid will do just to swing an odd heal out to keep people from dying.

Most of the problems with the fight usually come down to not being fast enough in the brain room - if you can get that right, so the stun happens fast upstairs, then half your issues with daft ways to die will sort themselves out.

01-19-2010, 12:47 PM
definitely 1 tank / 2 healers is the way to go. there's not a whole lot of healing necessary if everyone is doing their job. send a flex class, rather than a healer into the portal (we used a boomkin). they can heal the tentacle part and then you have 4 dps on the brain.

brain team must be fast, or it won't work. preferably no more than 20 seconds to get the stun, or you'll get an extra crusher. the top team must have the tentacles clear then they come out.

the pally tank is fairly useless in phase 2, so cleansing is pretty much his main job.

if you can do firefighter, you should be able to do this. just like in regular yogg kills, once you get to phase 3, it's a win.

01-19-2010, 03:29 PM
In P3 you are still able to kill adds, meaning that as long as you have some good dps on them you shouldn't need more than one tank (though, having a second, especially with the amount your dps outgear the content wouldn't be too terrible as things can go wrong).

Addressing your second question, if people are dying to RNG (bad spawns, fear and brain link, ect.) then keep your third healer. It's my own personal opinion (and that of the healers who I run with) that we only really need 2 healers to make any fight work, and it does. If you're having too many tenticles up when P3 starts, or can't manage to keep them under control your DPS probably just need more practice on the fight (though, a WWS/WoL/WMO report would be lovely to help see what a likely problem you are having on the fight is).

As for your third point, well I play a death knight and warlock so I'm not too much of help in that field.

01-25-2010, 01:35 PM
We finally knocked this out on Saturday - horray for 310% protos!!

I think our biggest problem is much of our topside DPS was spending a lot of time cleaning and not a lot of time dpsing anything. We ended up using 1 pally tank and 3 healers. Brain team was rogue/warrior/ret with a Shammy healer carrying melee totems. We bloodlusted in the brain room, and got it done in 2 phases. Once we were able to get to phase 3 it was cake.

The worst part about this fight was subbing people in. We have a lot of people on our guild that never saw Yogg before even at normal difficulty, and we wasted a lot of time trying to get new people up to speed as the nights progressed.

Thanks to everyone here for your help on this!

02-11-2010, 07:41 AM
To avoid reposting this topic, our guild had an attempt at this last night and got very close to downing him a few times but were unable to in the end, just want some comments on what you think of this strategy.

Keeper: Freya (we thought we could outlast the adds long enough to down yogg in phase3)
Raid setup: 1 warrior tank,
3 healers (druid, shaman, paladin),
6 dps (mage, priest, paladin, hunter, warrior, death knight).

Phase1 is fine.
Phase 2 we had the warrior, death knight and paladin healer go in the portals this resulted in about 3-4 portal phases required to dps brain enough bringing us to phase3.
Phase 3 is where we struggled, we always got the boss to about 3-5% and tank gets overun with adds.

We will try 2 healers next time (druid has reasonable dps spec) and i think we could possible manage like that but do you think this is a reasonable way to down this boss as most still go for thorim to kill adds?

We were a little less confident in getting through with all alive without regaining sanity.

02-11-2010, 03:03 PM
not having thorim is what makes yogg + 0 so much harder than yogg + 1. you should really switch keepers.

if you can do it in 2 portal phases, you should have no issue with sanity. why are you only sending 3 people into the brain when there are 4 portals? more dps is better. i would also recommend sending 4 dps into the portals - just make one of them a class that can heal (either your spriest or see if the shammy can go elemental for the fight).

the faster you kill the brain, the easier the fight is.

02-12-2010, 07:31 AM
Thanks for the reply,

Is there 4 portals in 10 man?

Yes if we could take another dpser in there it would make it easier both in survival and damage. I will have to look into this, we are starting fresh so will have a look at the weekend.

02-12-2010, 03:14 PM
Yeah, four portals. They're located in the NW, NE, SE, SW corners of Yogg.