View Full Version : EU [A] Exile Of Draenor 5/5HM Totgc 6 of ICC

01-16-2010, 11:30 AM
Exile have opened recruitment for a number of Raiding places

Our Current progress is 5/5 Totgc , Plus all of the available ICC bosses down

Currently our Main requirements are as follows,

1 Ret Paladin

1 Balance Druid
1 Warlock

We will also give close concederation to other exceptional applications,

Our current raiding schedule is Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday

From 19-30 to 23-45

If your interested go to our website at Exile Guild • Index page (http://www.exileguild.eu/forum/)

and make an application. if you have any questions you can look me up on Draenor.

Some information about the motivation and goals of Exile as a guild, to give anyone interested a feel for what its like raiding in a Exile

Exile is a new guild created for WotlK raiding. Most of the officers came from Ivory Heart. 
Where we left and created Exile to get an environment more focused on raiding. 

The officers in Exile were also officers in Ivory Heart, where we have raided since MC all the way through to Sunwell which we cleared before WotlK. The core members 
in Exile have been raiding for years, and all officers are old raider veterans who have seen all instances in WoW. 

The core mantra for Exile is quality before quantity. We are not aiming to be a big guild or raid seven days a week, but would rather remain small to be able to get more focused raids with a higher quality.

Its our belief that most guilds raid more than they have to. 
We prefer to raid less but more focused since most of our members are not kids in school,but rather working professionals or university students, who have other other things to do than waste time online when it comes to progression.
We are skilled players who are mature, highly motivated and competitive in the approach to the game, while at the same time remaining patient and humble.