View Full Version : Calling All Prot Paladins!

01-16-2010, 12:28 AM
Have 5-mans lost their luster? Are you ridiculously overgeared? Has ICC left you so far over def cap you may go mad? Are you tired getting complaints from healers:

"You don't take any damage!"

"I'm bored!"

"Are we there yet?"

Are you tired of waiting on Avenger's Shield?

Then the wonderful world of Retribution tanking may be for you!* No more waiting on cooldowns! No more paltry 2.5k DPS! No more blocking! The process is simple, just drag that dust laden ret weapon outta your bank and equip it with your regular tanking gear, switch to ret spec and let the divine stormin' begin!

*Please consult you healer before taking Retribution tanking. Retribution tanking is not for everyone and may cause recklessness, spiky damage, sudden healer terror syndrome, and envious DPS.

Do not take Retribution tanking in a raid environment.

In all seriousness, I've started playing around with this on my (usually prot) paladin to keep the daily random entertaining. It's a great deal of fun, particularly the speed at which you can move. But be warned you do need to be decently overgeared for it to be feasible.

01-16-2010, 02:10 PM
I've been doing tanking with a DPS spec on both my paladin and DK, although I don't recommend quadruple pulling with a setup like this. I find that it doesn't really shorten the instance significantly since your prot pally tools are actually pretty fantastic for AoE pulls (glyphed HotR, AS, cons, SoCleave).

2.5k DPS as prot in a heroic seems kind low, remember to swap in all the hit/exp/strength/block value gear you can.

Also, the obligatory DEFENSE CAP rage :P