View Full Version : US Cho'Gall Guild Recruiting!!

01-15-2010, 03:30 PM
Reinheit Garantiert is only looking to take exceptional players. This is a PVE guild; PVP is something we do in our spare time. Do not apply if your focus in this game is PVP.

We're at a point now where we are recruiting to maintain a strong roster for the long run. As such, our requirements have tightened; we want people who will fit in with the guild and that we'll feel good about having down the road. No immaturity, no drama queens, no one greedy with loot.

Do NOT apply if you do not meet these standards:
- You MUST be able and WANT to raid 2 days a week.
- You MUST be able to raid from 7:00 til 10:00 server time.
- You MUST be a very mature player and person to fit in with this guild. We have an age 18+ atmosphere that we want to maintain.
- You need to have a functioning mic and be able to install and update addons.
- Your connection and PC must not suck. Disconnects and PC hang ups should be rare.
- You need to know how to use kotkeys for your commonly used abilities. Clicking is NOT optimal no matter what class you play.
- You MUST know how to be self sufficient. Raiding IS NOT CHEAP. You must be able to support yourself and this means farming or working a profession outside of raids, otherwise you will not have fun making ends meet.

If you do not meet or possess ALL of the above points, do NOT apply.

If you do me our above points. Please apply at Reinheit Garantiert (http://www.reinheit-guild.myguildhost.com). Thank you.