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01-15-2010, 10:56 AM
Raids: Wedn/Sund 730-1100 EST and sometimes a third night to clean up content.
Leather Belt of Elune (http://leatherbelt.guildomatic.com/)

*Update now 6/9" icc"

Leather Belt is a 10-man raiding guild dedicated to clearing all 10-man content, including Heroics.

Please be level 75+

Recently Leather Belt has been gaining a lot of interest from players... however we have been rejecting these players based on a lack of experience and gear. We want to change our policy to be more friendly and helpful, to grow some players so that they can possibly create a 2nd ICC 10 farm team and then possibly move up to 25s once everyone is comfortable. Our ICC 10 group is pretty much full and we are 6/9 (Still looking for 1 geared non DK tank)

So the goal is to open recruit people interested in seeing the content but might not have a lot of experience in ToC or ICC or skill level with their class, as well as skilled players. Our guild has many geared alts who can play all of the roles so do not feel like you cant apply since you do not have a certain spec. At this time our guild feels a little lonely as most of us are real life friends and we are only signing on to raid. We want to open this up and build a better community in our guild to possibly find skilled players and those willing to learn.

In closing if your gear level is a little low and you have little raid experience but are looking to break into the raiding scene then we will be glad to have you with us. We only ask you to be respectful and not someone who is going to start drama because you may not get into our ICC 10 group right away.

We do not use any form of DKP. We /roll for loot with main class/spec getting priority following a "Don't be a jerk" policy and officers/GM having final say. We aim for a no BS approach. Gear is there to aid you in clearing content. Drama is strictly against the rules.

Check us out at http://leatherbelt.guildomatic.com/guild_application/apply

We are currently looking for a couple good players to fill out our main ICC group
We're currently looking for:

DPS, preferablly warlock, rogue.
Tank (preferably not a DK)
Holy/Shadow priest.