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01-15-2010, 10:32 AM
Abandon Hope - Horde Emerald Dream

Abandon Hope is focused on defeating end game content, obtaining raid achievements, and most importantly having fun with friends. We are hardcore players with a busy schedule. We are committed to excellence and proving that hardcore progression does not require 5 days of raiding each week.

We hope to abolish the idea that a massive time investment is necessary for successful raiding. Rather, we rely on experienced raiding leadership, innovative & intelligent problem solving, cooperation among guild-mates, and prior-planning to attain success. And for those with a PvP/Arena bent there are some hardcore pvpers ready to roll.

Tired of poor lackluster performance in larger guilds, abysmal officers, and twisted decision making we have set out to form a "more perfect guild" based upon the realization that sound judgement, logical decision making process, and trustworthy leadership need not be a misty idea attainable only in ones imagination. If you are looking for a place to call home, where you can find reliable soldiers and good raiders your search has come to a successful conclusion. Abandon Hope looks forward to inviting you into our ranks.

RAID TIMES 6:30-10 (server/CST) Tuesday and Thursday

Go to http://www.abandonhope.org (http://www.abandonhope.org/) for more details