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01-15-2010, 07:25 AM
Doom and Rainbows is a long running guild on Terenas-US. We're built on a core of friends and family, and as such are *not* a flash in the pan, here today gone tomorrow guild.

**The guild itself is not actually a raid guild, but the officers run a raid team that is largely founded from the guild.**

Our raid team is currently recruiting healers and savvy dps, particularly looking for:
Resto Shaman
Resto Druid
Ret Paladin
Balance Druid

Other class/specs may be considered if the candidate is a good match for the guild.

Why are we recruiting? We've recently lost a handful of our raiders from the team to a late expansion malaise. We are however still committed to seeing the expansion through in the company of good people!

When do we raid? We keep a light schedule, but we ask that our raiders be punctual and considerate:
Tuesday and Thursday 5:45 to 10pm Server Time (Mountain)

A little about our atmosphere/attitude/reputation:
We run our guild with a focus on attitude and camaraderie. We care first and foremost that people are respectful and fun to play with (see: "DBAD"). While we carry that attitude into our raids, we also add the simple request: respect the team. We do *not* expect 100% raid attendance, but we do ask that you normally be able to make our two raid times. If you cannot make it for an isolated event or emergency we only ask that you let us know as early as possible. We do stress smart play and raid skills.

In raids we are focused but not aggressive/harsh. We do not scapegoat or blame people, but work to improve the team's performance. Sometimes this requires critical feedback, which we try to handle respectfully, but honestly. This is our preferred brand of casual/hardcore blending.

We get very positive feedback from our raiders and the community on the server. We have a public reputation for being both good people and good players, and we make an effort to preserve that reputation.

We have routinely kept with the pace of the new content, even pushing some server firsts in ToC, but with our recent losses have fallen behind on ICC25 runs. We continue as far as time allows, which sometimes includes hardmodes but is not focused on bleeding edge progression if the team does not support it. We will take opportunities, and push it as far as it will go in the time allowed.

Potential applicants will need to be patient as we re-staff to make honest pushes into ICC.

To apply, please go to Welcome to DnR (http://www.doomandrainbows.net) and post to introduce yourself. You can *also* find Osyras, Edainne, or Teofania on Terenas, or PM me if you have questions, or want to get to know us.