View Full Version : Rotface alternative ooze marging tactic.

01-15-2010, 04:26 AM
Ok yesterday we tried an alternative tactic for the rotface encounter.

First the classic:
Two small oozes make a 1-stack big ooze.
If you merge that with a small ooze, you get a 2-stack big ooze.
keep merging the big ooze with small till you get a 5-stack big ooze. So, it takes 6 small oozes to get to a 5-stack big ooze which explodes.

Our tactic:
Two little oozes make a 1-stack big ooze.
We do that twice before merging so we merge 2 1-stack big oozes together, and they merge into a 2-stack big ooze.
We then merge that 2-stack big ooze with a 1-stack big ooze and it makes a 3-stack big ooze. We feed that 3-stack big ooze with 2 more 1-stack big oozes till we get a 5-stack ooze which explodes.
So, in the end we end up using 10 small oozes before we get a 5-stack ooze.

6 versus 10, that's a whole lot of time we get without the raid needing to move because of explosion which results in a lot more dps. If you do it well, using this tactic you can do it with 1 explosion.

In the end it might get a bit hectic because of faster ooze spawns so you might want to do it the classical way after he starts spawning oozes faster.

We combine the two small oozes somewhat outside of the raid so the tank can pick up the 1-stack oozes easily.

01-15-2010, 02:42 PM
We just pop BL at the start and have 2 kiters then u get the achieve!