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01-13-2010, 05:22 AM
I originally posted this in another thread (http://www.tankspot.com/forums/f14/61208-role-boss-eh-vs-avoidance.html), but it was lost in the age old debate about gearing in general. The intention here is to help tanks that are approaching encounters to fine tune their gearset to suit their role in the fight.

The kind of gear tuning I'm talking about isn't re-socketing all your gear for expertise or dodge... but I'm sure most tanks have a selection of trinkets in their bags, or a choice of weapons, or a spare set of gloves with armsman enchant, etc. If you don't, it's something you might want to consider doing. If you do, here are some ideas or considerations for those bosses. If you have other tips or tricks for gear/glyphs then share them. If you want to talk about gear in general, please go back to the general debate thread (http://www.tankspot.com/forums/f14/61208-role-boss-eh-vs-avoidance.html).

MT + 2 OT. Hits moderately hard, frequently using his sabre lash attack which is applied across all 3 tanks. Sabre lash can be individually avoided by each of the tanks. Threat is wiped following bonestorm. Majority of damage is physical provided you don't stand in frost.
Gear choices:
MT might consider including threat pieces to ensure smooth transition out of bonestorm. Also consider taunt glyph (or equivalent)
OT gear for max EH but once above a safe threshold, avoidance items may reduce healing load.

2+ MT according to strategy. Phase 1 tanking multiple fresh spawning adds, mix of physical and magical damage. Phase 2 transitioning to tank+spank with rotation between 2+ tanks forced by threat reduction debuff, weak melee with splash magic damage and high damage single target frostbolt that should be interrupted.
Gear choices:
Enough HP to survive getting hit by a frost bolt (in case of accidents) and then threat (hit/exp) gear for good add control in P1

Gunship Battle
1 Tank for Saurfang with high EH and potentially some avoidance gear.
1 Tank for the boat, geared to pick up a series of adds spawning with fresh agro tables (hit/exp gear for control)

Deathbringer Saurfang
2 MT (assumes tank switching on Mark of Blood) rotating. Soft enrage at 35%. All damage physical.
Gear Choices:
Enough EH to comfortably survive the frenzy at 35%, then threat/avoidance gear as per personal preference/raid strategy. Consider glyph of taunt or equivalent.

2 MT forced to switch by Gastric Bloat. Boss self buffs by inhaling, hits very hard once fully buffed. Majority of damage is physical.
Gear Choices:
Max EH gear. Consider trinkets with controlled cooldowns for use in planned rotation. Equip alternate weapons/sigils/etc for use when not tanking but buffed with gastric bloat.

1 MT tanking boss, moderate hard hitter. No reason to tank switch, majority physical damage (some avoidable splash).
1 OT kiting adds (aside: not sure what stops a dps doing this)
Gear Choices:
Normal EH gear for both MT and OT. OT may consider glyphs/gear to assist ranged threat/taunt (e.g. hit, glyph of taunt or equiv) and possibly trinkets with controlled cooldowns.

Prof. Putricide
1 MT tanking boss until phase 3. Moderate physical hits with chance of some magic splash (mostly avoidable). High chance of healer interruption (forced movement).
2 OT tanking boss at 35%. Tank switch forced by Mutated Plague.
Gear Choices
Max EH for the MT and Abom driving OT. OT 3 will be a third wheel in p1+2, consider compromise in gear to increase dps. Phase 3 taunts are critical, consider use of glyphs.

02-01-2010, 03:47 AM
Blood Princes
Standard strat is 2 MT +1 ranged tank, although variants exist where a regular tank is used for the caster and also where a super-beefcake tank handles both the melee princes.
Princes hit fairly hard and healers may be interrupted by movement (or if things go wrong, knockback), magic damage is fairly trivial provided orbs are handled properly. Gear for max EH.

Blood Queen Lana'thel
1 MT and 1 OT soaking blood mirror. OT takes the exact same damage that the MT takes, without any reduction other than absorption. OT will also be hit with delirious slash, a physical hit (which can be mitigated by armor/stance/etc) which leaves a bleed dot (think gormokk impale but doesn't hit that hard and doesn't stack ...at least in normal mode).
Since the OT will take "MT damage plus slash", the OT will by definition take more damage than the MT. However only a very small proportion of that can be mitigated. This implies two things:
- MT should gear for mitigation and perhaps even some avoidance (once you have enough raw EH of course, she hits fairly hard). Consider swapping that stam trinket for an armour or dodge one.
- OT should gear for raw stamina. Avoidance is useless. Armor will assist only with the application of the delirious slash (which with unfortunate timing can be a nasty spike). Where possible, also gear for DPS.