View Full Version : US [A] Shadow Council - <Republic> is recruiting raiders. (Ranged DPS + Heals)

01-12-2010, 11:31 AM
Raid times: Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday @ 6:00central.
Republic's Guild Website (http://republic-guild.com/)

Republic is a cutting-edge-content raiding guild. I would call us "Hard Core", except that we only have official raids 3 nights a week. Yet on three nights a week, we touch all the latest content, and manage a few realm-first kills. We have high standards on those three nights. Our members do their homework, and our raids progress very smoothly and professionally. We are currently 8/12 in ICC, and 4/5 in ToGC.

We are recruiting! We (currently) primarily need a good hunter, however we have openings for two ranged DPS, some form of raid heals (Resto Shaman/Druid preferably, but we're flexible if you're good). We could also use a few backup raiders, and consider good candidates who might not have a reliable schedule for those roles.

If you're here on TankSpot looking up strategies and trying to improve your game, you're exactly the kind of raider we're looking for. We expect applicants to have put in the appropriate amount of effort to acquire easily obtainable upgrades/enchants/gems, but we're primarily interested in skills and maturity; gear can be fixed. Server transfers are welcome, however please show up with a satisfactory answer to the question of why you want to leave your current realm. If the real reason is that you were a jerk on your current realm, and now nobody will group with you, we'll find out soon enough, and you'll have wasted your $25. Nobody wants that. If you're looking for a guild to carry you through content, we're similarly not interested. We are recruiting to bring in full time people for spots that are currently filled by backups, such that you learn with us how to clear fresh content. When something new comes out, we're going to wipe a bit on it, then we're going to get frustrated, then we're going to kill it, then we're going to celebrate*. Applicants should want to be a part of every phase of that process, and not just the end. We are a close and friendly guild, and recruits that share those goals fit right in and are quickly integrated into the team.

*though 1-shots on fresh content are scarily more frequent these days....

Recruiting boilerplate follows:

Who are we? We're a fun group of hard core raiders that gets cutting edge content down on a mere three raid nights a week. We have a great DKP loot system that gets new recruits into the loot pool quickly with practically zero loot drama. We have active forums with both casual conversation and detailed discussions of strategy and tools. We try to stay at or near the top of the alliance progression list for the realm. Outside of raids, we have a friendly and casual environment with only a few curmudgeons.

Our guild's primary focus is 25-man raiding, however we have several active 10-man groups as well, and we welcome people who want to raid almost every night. (Except Friday... nobody seems to want to play on Friday night...)

Want to apply? Visit our forums at Republic's Guild Website (http://republic-guild.com/) and fill out an application, or come to find Wiress (Pretty much any character that ends in *iress) or I (Vinzclortho, Ulmaceae, Thumbs) on Shadow Council.