View Full Version : US [Horde-Scarlet Crusade]<Angst> recruiting for 25m

01-12-2010, 10:01 AM
Angst is currently looking for members interested in raiding a casual friendly family environment. We're primarily looking for experienced, capable people that want the raids without all the demands or time investments. Angst is a CASUAL guild. If you're HARDCORE about raiding and are looking for a HARDCORE raiding guild, we're not for you. Also, as indicated in our code of conduct, we do not tolerate "leet speek" such as "u, r, wat, b4, o i c etc. in guild chat.

What that means is that we are looking for people that are not just here to get epic gear and talk about how leet they are. We are looking for friendly people that want to contribute to our community, have fun, and enjoy what has become a great big family of players. We welcome couples and groups of friends that apply together, but please understand that we cannot and will not guarantee that we can always roster you together for the same run if you choose to raid with us.

Also, Angst is mainly made up of college students and working adults so players under 18 may potentially have a hard time fitting in. This is not to say that under 18 need not apply, though.

NOTE: Currently we are recruiting all classes, however if you are wanting to raid, please understand slotting will be dependant on group comp and gear requirements..

All applicants are directed to register for the forums and review the application forum. Guild Angst Website (http://www.guildangst.org)